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    News Darren Burgess: new High Performance Manager

    I remember seeing this too. It's amazing what difference it's made this season. Not every player has to cover 11+ km per game to be effective. Not expecting Fog to cover huge distances has helped him record some of the highest top speeds this season i.e. becoming that burst player. That can even...
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    "Stand" Rule and mark movement

    As the rule stands at the moment, the man on the mark is not allowed to make sideways movement once they are called to "stand". If the mark/free is on the wing or half-back area, the player with the ball will often still be allowed to make sideways movements to centre up past the correct line...
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    Roast Sack Ricciuto

    They probably have cubicles these days.
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    Player Watch Matt Crouch - Dropped Again

    Berry also has more potential for hitting the scoreboard.
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    Review Good/Bad vs Melbourne, R16 2022

    Bad: Gave away a lot of simple goals through poor skills and positioning e.g. the first three goals, all junk. Hately's drop off the last few weeks after finally looking like he'd settled (not bad so much as disappointing, I hope it's just a blip and he can find some form again) Ugly...
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    Preview Changes: R11 vs Geelong, Saturday May 28, 1.15pm ACST @ Kardinia Park

    Can we get a blanket ban on Brad Johnson from the commentary box for Crows games? He's even worse than Roo (who overcompensates)
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    Game Day Crows v Lions Adelaide Oval 7:10pm

    Not a conspiracy nut, but it's interesting that the timing of Brisbane's golden run of umpiring gifts and goals came when they were looking like being overrun and could barely get into their forward 50. The game changed in that one moment 26 minutes into the second quarter when Brisbane got...
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    Game Day Crows v Lions Adelaide Oval 7:10pm

    Same one with those rubbish calls in the round 3 showdown. Adelaide should be able to respectfully request he doesn't umpire our games, right?
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    Game Day Crows v Lions Adelaide Oval 7:10pm

    If it wasn't for the umpiring, I'd be enjoying this game. Some ridiculous stuff being paid and not paid. Punishing players for tackling and letting players get away with dropping the ball just encourages the sort of messy, "no possession" footy that you'd think the league would want to avoid...
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    MRP / Trib. 2022 - MRO Chook Lotto - Carlton Tribunal News & Reports

    As a Crows supporter but a big Cripps fan I reckon this is a storm in a teacup. Must be a quiet news day. No chance Cripps gets games or even a fine for this. I'd prefer to see them crack down on rubbish like Cotchin's kick on Tex the other week and the forearm on Ginnivan.
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    Rumour AFL not happy with Tex criticism of MRO. Sanction could loom.

    Next game against Richmond, anyone who gets fined for kicking Cotchin is reimbursed by the club. No worries about any suspensions, precedent has been set.
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    Player Watch Josh Rachele - Rising Star Nomination

    What else could you expect from someone named after a sausage made out of pigs lips and buttholes?
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    Review Rachele, Bad & Ugly v Fremantle (Round 1)

    Rowe's best game for us. Rachele.. what can you say, close to 3 brownlow votes. First half shithouse. I'd it wasn't for the third quarter I'd already be giving up on the season and looking for draft pick #1
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    List Mgmt. 2021 Draft Picks part deux: 4/33/75

    I'm happy Adelaide did it last year and pushed WB into it. It's 400 odd points, equal to fairly early 3rd rounder. I feel like there should be no discount for F/S and academy picks. The ability to match a bid is enough. That keeps the playing field reasonably level and it's more fair to the SA...
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    List Mgmt. 2021 Draft Picks part deux: 4/33/75

    Similar is already happening next year. Don't worry though, they'll change it back when they want to get the next F/S into a Vic club.
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    List Mgmt. 2021 Draft Picks part deux: 4/33/75

    I think McAdam's biggest problem isn't physical, though that explosiveness would make him a much more valuable player if he also learns to put in some effort off the ball and running both ways. He doesn't do the "1 percenters", lucky if he does the 50:50s.
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    List Mgmt. 2021 Draft Picks part deux: 4/33/75

    Collingwood cutting it fine for points if Daicos is called out first! 2400 required and they have 2406. It's almost like they planned it like that.
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    Toast Welcome to Fit Club

    The fat just goes onto your liver, right? :D
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    Women's Footy Crows AFLW Season 2022 - Premiers; Got the Trophy, cop that AFL House 🖕🏼

    WTF? Surely she'll have to vaccinated for that in the very near future, I'm surprised it's not mandatory already. If her choice is to not be vaccinated it's a terrible decision to make it public the way she did. There's no way the AFL and AFC can allow someone to publicly promote "vaccine...
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    News Izak Rankine, Gold coast holding Rankine to Ransom- #FreeIzak

    I reckon Rankine isn't playing up to potential at GC because he really doesn't want to be there. He's a highly skilled player with bucketloads of potential but he's not the type of disciplined workhorse who's going to grind their way through. Doing his best to get to Adelaide or anywhere other...