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    Help - buying a new Comp v upgrading old one

    Advise required for simple minded person when it comes to computers (ie I can turn one on and use it - but ask me how many meg of RAM I have and I'll scream and run away) My poor old computer circa 1997 and running Windows 95 - is slow, verrrrry slow, refuses to recognise the mouse (virtually...
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    I have achieved greatness

    I have just been informed by our dear friend Suzi, that not only am I a loser but I am now on her ignore list. All this for merely trying to inform her I wasnt umpire bashing :D :D :D Whats the bet she's still reading my posts ;)
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    Feather Doonas

    Yes, you may think I've gone nuts - but I've often wondered this. What on earth happens to the ducks/geese/chickens (yes doona companies will admit they use chicken feathers) after their feathers have been plucked and used to fill doonas? Do they get released featherless? Can a full...
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    Big two nights of Buffy action starting tonight at 10:45 - Willow is turning all witchypoo again to seek revenge for the shooting of Tara. Tomorrow night is the season finale - 2 hours beginning at 9:30 (well here in Melb not sure about other states). Will be interesting to see how they...
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    Phil Collins

    Mcchawk and I have been arguing about this for weeks, he seems to think that EVERYBODY has a soft spot for Phil Collins, whilst I argue that only the over 25's could give a damn about his music So peoples vote now. Do you have a soft spot for Phil Collins?
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    Girl Next Door

    It interests me how guys can bleat on and on and on about going for the "girl next door" type (despite the fact they still drool over every celeb under the sun, building them up to be goddesses no matter how average they reallyare) What actually is "the girl next door"? Is it the...
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    Monkey Magic

    Time to devote a thread to one of my all time favorite shows. :D Born on from an egg on a mountaintop, this man/animal is/was a legend. I have most episodes on tape from when ABC replayed them a few years back - however, they're in a shambles and need sorting out in order one rainy weekend...
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    Trains, Trams, Buses and other Public Transport

    Put yourself in this situation. You get on a train/tram/bus/ferry (any other forms of PT?), you scan the seats, and it looks like you'll have to sit next to someone. The above are your options, who do you chose to sit next to and why? I personally find myself choosing people about my own...
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    Top 5 Radio Stations in Melb

    Ok - as a new Melbourne resident - I am try to preset my car radio stations. So far I have JJJ (nothing changes there!) and Nova - although despite everyone's raving about it, I have been rather disappointed in what I've heard. Now I have 3 spots left and I really don't know what to preset...
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    Self Titled Albums

    Laziness or not, what do you think? Heard that Jebidiah have self titled their latest, and it started me thinking. I can understand that for a first release, self titling can be a beneficial marketing tool (ie etching your name into memory), however, after you've made a name for yourself...
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    Who got booted - can anyone give me a brief rundown? I'm stuck here at work - bored *****less working and studying- so bored in fact that I'm desperate to find out who got the boot!
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    Has anyone heard when the new series starts? They were playing the ads for it a month ago - but now - nothing??????
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    Mixing music

    Just wondeirng if there's anyone around here who does their own mixes, does DJ'ing etc etc???? If so, I'd love to hear your story - how did you get into it, what sort of equipment do you have, outlays, how far have you gone with it?
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    Qn for guys - do you know where you stand?

    Ok - next qn in my series of trying to liven up the General Board. A question for the guys - when it comes to females, do you know where you stand? I've had various conversations with people (especially of the 40 - 50 age group) regarding why us chicks are increasingly not bothering to...
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    How would you do it?

    Ok so this place is lacking decent general convo - so here's my FIRST attempt to get some convo going. Question - would/did you have a traditional "white wedding", and if you're married and did it "by the book" so to speak, would you do it that way again? And guys, more importantly, do you...
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    HELP - I will luv anyone who can identify this song

    I need title and who sings (or even better wrote) this song. The only line I can think of goes " laaaaast, our loooove has come alonnnnng" Now, I've recently heard it on a commercial for the new series of a TV show (possibly Ed????), and just heard it again on Marry Me. Its...
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    Capacity of the brain

    Ok I've spent the last 4 hours studying (what a waste of a beautiful Sunday), which has lead me to wonder whether or not the brain has a saturation point at which it can no longer learn. Now, taking aside the aging process - and the loss of brain cells through excessive alcohol consumption:D...
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    I'm flying down to Vic in the morning and havent packed yet....... WHAT DO I NEED TO PACK????? I now acclimatised to it being the same temp all day long - I'm finding it hard to take the variances in one day into account regarding the clothes I pack. Am I safe with a whole "summer"...
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    A question for Melbournites

    I need some help (no not psychological) and I figure who better to help me than those in the know. For those who don't know I'm moving back to Melb with a couple of friends in April, and looking at renting a 3 bedroom something (preferably house) We havent yet decided what suburb - but want...
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    Can I just say.........

    FOR CHRISTS SAKES - I'M GOING NUTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Stupid damn assignment, stupid damn overdraft, stupid damn Institute, stupid damn bankbills I DONT CARE......:mad: Thank you for your time and patience ;)