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  1. Niximus

    XBX1 Sea Of Thieves

    Named my ship - Plank Walker (from National Tiiiiles) - If you see it on the seas.
  2. Niximus

    Multiplat Fall Guys

    Still riddled with hackers flying all over the place?
  3. Niximus

    Society/Culture UFOs go mainstream.

    I think there has to be life out there all over the universe. Life would have to be so incredibly unlikely to have only happened once in all the universe. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if we found that life had occurred more than once in our own solar system. IMO it is unlikely that there...
  4. Niximus

    Opinion Our Current Rebuild Will Ultimately Fail - Prove Me Wrong

    Yeah, I'm sure several of them will do fairly well at the Victorian club of their choice! :p
  5. Niximus

    Opinion Our Current Rebuild Will Ultimately Fail - Prove Me Wrong

    I thought this was obvious?
  6. Niximus

    FTA-TV Supernatural

    Agreed, they had literal plot armour from Chuck. Once that was gone, they were as vulnerable as any other hunter which the show has made clear, generally don't grow old. COVID restrictions would have meant we missed a number of things in the ending we could have had. Some more old faces would...
  7. Niximus

    Australia vs India @ the SCG 1st ODI (of 3)

    The snicko was after the ball passed, but coincided with the bat hitting the ground It also registered wide not narrow so more of a thud than a nick. No way should that have been overturned
  8. Niximus

    Opinion AFC - Time Capsule - 2016 (AFC SUPPORTERS ONLY)

    Reminder I made for this came up... LOL
  9. Niximus

    News Crouch & Stengle Caught with Illicit Substance

  10. Niximus

    Multiplat Fall Guys

    Got a s**t ton of hackers tonight. Done with this game now. Have requested a refund. It shouldn't be that ******* hard to detect people flying around.
  11. Niximus

    Multiplat Fall Guys

    Steam players to team up?
  12. Niximus

    Multiplat Fall Guys

    LOL, if you want to block I'll take you out even if it means me with you... :D
  13. Niximus

    Multiplat Fall Guys

    Seriously. 90% of the goals scored against me in Fall Ball are teammates popping it up over my head because the dumb *s have to hit absolutely everything they can. JFC.
  14. Niximus

    Multiplat Fall Guys

    Guy was waiting on the beam on Slime Climb, I pushed past him and waited at the top, let several people by and he waited there until the slime was covering all below him. Then I pushed him off. Great work dickhead lol.
  15. Niximus

    Multiplat Fall Guys

    4 person final with a funny ending.
  16. Niximus

    Multiplat Fall Guys

    Very next epsode 10 v 10 on Fall Ball and again mindless dickheads just hitting the ball into the wall... JFC If I wanted to see braindead shits who have no idea how to position in a ball game I'd go play Rocket League.
  17. Niximus

    Multiplat Fall Guys

    Fall Ball as the last game before final is so s**t. 10 to go and 5 v 5 with the most moronic team mates. Had a open goal lined up but TM had to slam it sideways to the opposition because that's the only hit he had and of course he HAD to hit it...