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  1. bato

    Rumour North Player Isolation Breach?

    Gotta love Twitter rumours but I can confidently say that this guy isn't a troll. I've been following him for a while for Supercoach related reasons and his info is always spot on. Anyway, whether you agree with the isolation rules that are in place, this seems like a bit of a let down for his...
  2. bato

    Changes vs. Port Adelaide

    IN: Beams, Schache, Paparone OUT: CBeams, Dawson, Taylor (?) If Green is fit, then I have no idea what we'll do with him. We lacked his presence today, but still looked damn good up forward.
  3. bato

    Zorko the Magician pulls a week off from his hat

  4. bato

    Round 18 NAB Rising Star Nomination

    I quit if Harris 'Premier' Andrews misses out this week. 22 disposals & 12 marks. Gonna take a seriously good performance to beat that, surely. But I've seen stranger things happen in the world of football...
  5. bato

    Game Day Round 5, 2015 - Gold Coast vs Brisbane Lions

    Good feeling about this one. First win of the year? LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN. Edit: Or not?? :rolleyes:
  6. bato

    Review NAB Challenge Game 2 - Brisbane Lions def. Sydney Swans

    BRISBANE LIONS 0.10.15 (75) DEF. SYDNEY SWANS 1.4.6 (39) ________________________________________________________________ VENUE: Coffs Harbour International Stadium TIME: 7.10 (AEDT) - 6.10PM Brisbane time TICKETS: Can be found online via the Link WEATHER: Max 28 degrees. Winds southerly 20...
  7. bato

    Opinion Fixing our KPF problem

    At the moment we have built a good young list with some good young defenders and a strong midfield. However, our biggest problem is our forward line - we are missing A-grade key position forwards and therefore cannot complete our spine. History has shown that you need at least one strong key...
  8. bato

    F*** Her Right In The P**** AFL Edition

  9. bato

    Stefan Martin re-signing: Finalised

    Martin set to rooooaaar into 2015! And to think 12 months ago, most of us would have called the Lions nuts for re-signing him :D
  10. bato

    Lester re-signs

    EDIT: Good news. Pap next please. :D
  11. bato

    R5 2014: Brisbane Lions vs. Richmond

    Personally not feeling confident about a win, but watching Big Browny line up in his 250th is going to be something special - fingers crossed. Here's hoping he kicks 5 just like the good old days. :rainbow: (Special mention to Rohan Bewick who plays his 50th game). Tiges will be too strong...
  12. bato

    R4: Port Adelaide vs. Brisbane Lions

    I'll keep it short. Port by 5 goals.
  13. bato

    2014 ATP Masters 1000: Monte Carlo

    Next stop... MONTE CARLO. Name: Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters Category: ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Place: Monte-Carlo, Monaco Date: 13.04.2014-20.04.2014 Draw Size: S-56 D-24 Surface: Clay Prize Money: € 2,884,675 Total Financial Commitment: € 3,452,415 Defending Champ: Novak Djokovic
  14. bato

    QClash7: GC Suns vs. Brisbane Lions - Round 3, 2014

    Will probably be another tight, scrappy contest. It's basically a must-win for both clubs if they're serious about really pushing for a top 8? (Yes, there are people out there that genuinely think that it's a possibility...) Lions by 9 points.
  15. bato

    Brisbane Lions AGM 2013

    So the much anticipated AGM for 2013 is not too far away. Personally, I cannot wait until certain individuals feel the full wrath of karma. Can someone please explain how a Traditional Victorian membership gives you a right to vote in the AGM, but a QLD Standard Season membership does not...
  16. bato

    Sam Mayes a smokey/serious contender for the Rising Star this year?

    Here are the numbers he has posted this year thus far: Round 3 vs. Gold Coast: 21 touches, 10 marks and 2 tackles. Round 4 vs. North Melbourne: 18 touches and 5 marks - in a side that was beaten convincingly on the day. Round 5 vs. Melbourne: 28 touches, 9 marks and 2 tackles. Round 6 vs...