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  1. Stronzo

    West Coast’s list boss or Elton John?

    One is Elton John, the other is, supposedly, the west coast list boss. Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Vote now so we can get to the bottom of this.
  2. Stronzo

    How’s Clarko working out for ya Norf?

    You guys just can’t turn a trick, unless it’s handed to you on a platter from the AFL.
  3. Stronzo

    Go the non Vichead side

    So far so good, let’s keep it rolling. Neutral Vic muppets, feel free to join in the festivities.
  4. Stronzo

    The Big 4 has been rewritten

    That’s right, no longer does it include Essendon: Heave ho pissant clubs.
  5. Stronzo

    The Kelly trade revisited

    Did Geelong win the trade, or did West Coast lose it?
  6. Stronzo

    Flogstradamus Cheering Carlton out of the 8 fred

    Their loss on the weekend brought a smile to my face. Now just a couple more games to go against some top 4 teams and hopefully we’ll have those roaches out of the top 8. Oh what joy we’ll have. We’ll laugh and laugh and be merry! Then we’ll laugh and laugh some more! Then we’ll visit the...
  7. Stronzo

    Things with less advertising than Bigfooty

    Note: actual picture of Chief
  8. Stronzo

    New dinosaur species discovered in Geelong

    Set to play in the ruck next season
  9. Stronzo

    Essendon versus the Bye

    Should be a massive one, what do you guys think? Probably the bye, but this could be a line in the sand game for the bombers so you never know.
  10. Stronzo

    Trolling the AFL

    How can we do it folks? I was thinking buying a norf membership is a good way. Other suggestions?
  11. Stronzo

    Wank Coat’s home ground losing streak

    They haven’t won a game in Perth since round 19 2021. The tally stands at 5, which would have to be some kind of a record. I’m really sick of them bringing shame on WA footy. It was once the hardest roadtrip in football, now that’s only the case half the time. Richmong by 12.
  12. Stronzo

    Name a team that’s afraid of porf

    Any takers? I’ve only thought of one.
  13. Stronzo

    Lol porf!

    Porf porf porf porf porf
  14. Stronzo

    Cokers up and about after their 'loss' to norf - DERby shitfight fred

    Great loss on the weekend to norf WC. You could've won that one, or at least lost it by less. Pretty good result considering you had to bring a shitload of non-AFL listed players - even though some of them were upgrades on your listed players. In many respects, you guys won that match. In fact...
  15. Stronzo

    Football terminology

    Hi guys, I’m just wondering about some terms I hear the commentators, coaches and players use which are a bit of a mystery to me. What does “the fat side of the ground” mean? I’ve got a few others, and maybe you do too, but I just want to know where the fat side of the ground is to start with??
  16. Stronzo

    Game Day Collective Mind power stance crows V Purple poofs

    Freo by 24
  17. Stronzo

    #occupy divvy

    Think I might post here for a while. #occupydivvy
  18. Stronzo

    Spoon Coast E-gimps

    You heard it here first folks. Dog s**t ordinary. Injured, old, hardly any good youngsters, s**t coaches, no heart, arrogant, their home ground is called mineral resources park, s**t supporters, crap theme song, Nisbett, tanking, rebuild, bunch of w***ers.
  19. Stronzo

    Remembering Meatloaf

    Vale Meat.
  20. Stronzo

    Let’s all wish Chief a haapy birthday!

    Dear Chief Well done on completing another circumnavigation of the sun. We love you. Yours moistly, Stronzo