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  1. Spange

    Robert Drysdale seminars 2010

    He was like a big blender tapping out dudes left right and centre. How good is George BTW. Never seen him before but I was so impressed with his ground game.
  2. Spange

    UFC 110: Nogueira vs. Velasquez

    I thought silva had the points in each round?
  3. Spange

    Robert Drysdale seminars 2010

    I attended the seminar at Acadamey of Mixed Martial Arts in mirrabooka and it was very good. Robert was a good speaker and teacher. We had guys from white to brown level and everyone got something out of it. Focused quite a lot on breaking down someone who is in turtle position. Well worth...
  4. Spange

    One hd - superboxer

    i was fuming watching the cheap shot from Dib. What a ****** hitting him when he was on knees. No wonder the japs lost it!