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  1. Alwaysacrow

    Without saying their name or number, who is your all-time favourite Crow and why?

    You beat me to it. I was going to post exactly the same thing.
  2. Alwaysacrow

    Player Watch Lachlan Murphy

    Murphy is far from my favourite players but he's done more than that spud McHenry IMO and unfortunately McHenry seems to be best 22 every week. Baffling.
  3. Alwaysacrow

    Rumour 2022 Rumour Discussion Thread

    I prefer to call them "The filth" personally 😜
  4. Alwaysacrow

    Player Watch Fischer McAsey - Taking Personal Leave

    All dreadful picks. At least the last few years have been better.
  5. Alwaysacrow

    Player Watch Darcy Fogarty - Contract Extension to End of 2025

    I love the Fog. I always believed he had this in him. I'm stoked for the extension but not at all surprised. By all accounts he loves AFC. Let's hope he can continue his upward trajectory next year. He has the potential for being one of the most exciting KPF's in the AFL.
  6. Alwaysacrow

    Prediction Your 2023 "Breakout" player?

    I hope McHenry "breaks out" of the best 22.
  7. Alwaysacrow

    Player Watch Billy Frampton - Traded to Collingwood

    Which club in their right mind will pick him up???..........Oh that's right, we did and at pick 16 FFS.
  8. Alwaysacrow

    Rumour 2022 Rumour Discussion Thread

    Ned's perceived forward line pressure.
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  10. Alwaysacrow

    Prediction The Very early 2023 Ladder Predictions

    Well no Port in the AFL isn't such a bad idea actually 😜
  11. Alwaysacrow

    List Mgmt. AFC Player Contracts - Updates Please

    He's not bad actually. Way better than our Ned McHenry who is a complete spud, but we've now got an A grade small forward in Rankine so Rowe is surplus to our needs. Hopefully someone will pick him up.
  12. Alwaysacrow

    Player Watch Izak Rankine Part II - Welcome to Adelaide

    Correct, but 16 for Ned was still way, way too much and pick 6 for McAsey, well let's not talk about that.
  13. Alwaysacrow

    Prediction ROUND 1 2023 - Pick your best team

    You're probably right but that is a disgrace. I don't see 1 single AFL level attribute about him not 1.
  14. Alwaysacrow

    Prediction ROUND 1 2023 - Pick your best team

    McHenry in the 2's. I like it. The only thing better than that is delisted.
  15. Alwaysacrow

    Prediction ROUND 1 2023 - Pick your best team

    Put him on SANFL bench permanently until he is delisted please.
  16. Alwaysacrow

    Strategy Jason Horne-Francis: North trade him to Port for massive unders

    Plus he might be a flight risk himself in a year or 2.
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  18. Alwaysacrow

    Traded Jason Horne-Francis [to Port Adelaide in multi-club trade]

    WC like any other club needs to do what's in the interest of WCFC. Don't worry about it.
  19. Alwaysacrow

    News Izak Rankine, Gold coast holding Rankine to Ransom- #FreeIzak

    OMG Are we still not there yet?