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  1. lindsay_bulldogs

    News Free Agent

    Adam Cooney is up for Free Agency this year. What are peoples thoughts? I know he has a bung knee but would hate to lose him for nothing. Link to Article
  2. lindsay_bulldogs

    Wheeler? Is he on the radar?

    Would we be interested in the Nephew of Terry. Full article:
  3. lindsay_bulldogs

    Rumour Matthew Bate

    MATTHEW BATE (Melbourne)Potential new homes: Richmond, W Bulldogs, GWS THE Demons' heirarchy has made it clear Bate is not in the club's best 22. Anyone interested? Link HeraldSun
  4. lindsay_bulldogs

    Barry Hall to miss two matches after ankle surgery

    Story from the Hun. Two weeks out does seem a little optimistic.
  5. lindsay_bulldogs

    Roast Professional or Hicks

    In light of recent articles about a number or surgeries to players at the end of the season for major injuries. I am very disappointed and I am thinking in hindsight we as supporter were ripped off. Sure an injured Lake may have been better than say Tiller, Boumann, or Markevic but what chance...
  6. lindsay_bulldogs

    What has changed?

    After crisis talks last week and a board meltdown we now have people with to high expectations again. Why do people think this team has changed in the space of one week? Was the Brisbane game our last shot? We still have major outs. The boys have pulled up really sore with a number in doubt...
  7. lindsay_bulldogs

    Fantastic Win!!!

    What a great win. Boy we have a really good chance now to stay top 3. Eagleton was outstanding and so cool under pressure. Griffen's work rate is fantastic. Lost count of how many possessions he had. Special mention to Hanh whos sure ball handling is something to watch. Minson's marking has...
  8. lindsay_bulldogs

    Hargrave 150th

    From Website article Hargrave, who went swimming on Tuesday as he continues to recover from a recent quad injury, will celebrate his 150th game this weekend against the Tigers. Anyone who plays 150 games is a good player. Well done.
  9. lindsay_bulldogs

    Split personality

    Great game today from a number off players. Defenders Brian Lake and Dale Morris were outstanding early while Daniel Giansiracusa, Callan Ward and Mitch Hahn began to have an influence up the other end. In the first half. Giansiracusa, Ryan Hargrave, Daniel Cross and Ryan Griffen thoroughly...
  10. lindsay_bulldogs


    Seems to be two Schools off thought out there in Bulldog land. A/ Those that are worried our pre-season has been poor and we will carry this form into the season proper. We have fallen behind a number off teams. Giving us a poor start we may never recover from. B/ Those that think our...
  11. lindsay_bulldogs


    Who will be our next CHF out off the current crop off new talls. Williams Roughead Bouman Cordy Grant Everitt Shaw. My choice at this stage is Roughead. Looks a likely type to play in the hardest spot on the ground which only got harder with the new rolling defence tactics.
  12. lindsay_bulldogs

    Dogs need our Feedback Follow link to find out more.
  13. lindsay_bulldogs


    I know Scott has gone but does anyone think Acker is past it as well?
  14. lindsay_bulldogs


    WESTERN BULLDOGS B: Lindsay Gilbee, Brian Lake, Tim Callan HB: Ryan Griffen, Dale Morris, Ryan Hargrave C: Nathan Eagleton, Matthew Boyd, Josh Hill HF: Robert Murphy, Mitch Hahn, Brad Johnson F: Jason Akermanis, Will Minson, Scott Welsh Foll: Ben Hudson, Daniel Cross, Adam Cooney Int: Daniel...
  15. lindsay_bulldogs

    West will return

    BARRING a late training mishap, Scott West will start a tentative comeback in the VFL on Saturday. The seven-time Western Bulldogs best-and-fairest winner is set for a part-time role in the midfield with Williamstown against Bendigo Bombers at Burbank Oval. West's...
  16. lindsay_bulldogs

    Jason Akermanis almost dropped at halftime

    RODNEY Eade says his team can quickly snap its worrying form slump, but conceded Jason Akermanis had been half a game from the VFL. The Dogs have now lost three of their past four games after giving North Melbourne a 32-point start late in the first...
  17. lindsay_bulldogs

    Warm Weather team

    Call me stupid but I think our team plays better in the warmer weather
  18. lindsay_bulldogs

    Friday Night?

    Why can't we have two Friday night games? One for Victoria and one for Interstate? One on Free to air and the other on Fox? I know most clubs would like to reduce some off these Sunday games. Really hate them Myself.
  19. lindsay_bulldogs

    Team Improvement

    Looking at this weeks selection just made my selection as to who has improved and who has gone backwards. If you do this exercise yourself you can clearly see why we have gone up the ladder this year. WESTERN BULLDOGS B: Morris, Lake, Hargrave HB: Addison, Williams, Gilbee C: Eagleton, Boyd...
  20. lindsay_bulldogs

    MCC members

    This was posted in another thread. Is this in fact the case?