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  1. Goldfish

    News Simpson and Nisbett re-signed / extended West Coast chief executive Trevor Nisbett has re-signed for a further three years, while coach Adam Simpson has been locked in until 2016, according to reports. Not sure if I'm happy...
  2. Goldfish

    MRP / Trib. Paddy gets 3 weeks!

    o_O Rated as bad as the hit on Sheppard... Oh dear.
  3. Goldfish

    Ashley Sampi - Life now worth living for former Eagle

    Interesting article in the West: Sad read but good to hear he is getting his life in order. Wish he had of played many more games in the blue and gold.
  4. Goldfish

    Subtle angler retired at 24...

    Sad for the kid, wish him all the best for his future career whatever that may be. Whilst the team as a whole has improved since his departure, our angles have never been the same.
  5. Goldfish

    News Hill and Hams re-sign Good news :thumbsu:
  6. Goldfish

    Mark (NikNat) & goal (Lecca) of the year - Get voting!

    A couple of our boys nominated this week Mark of the year: Goal of the year: Get voting so we can give the boys a win! :D :thumbsu:
  7. Goldfish

    Cousins requests meeting with Demetriou, Fitzpatrick & Barnaba

    ... to request the Eagles exploit a loophole which allows us to take him back as a mature age rookie (ie. Essendon & Ramanauskas)... :thumbsu: On every SEN newsbreak this morning (4 times between 6am and 7am) so there must be something to it.
  8. Goldfish

    Cowan lashes out at AFL over Eagles threats It's about time someone (albeit a Former WA deputy premier) came out and had a crack at the AFL and it's double standards. Hopefully they lift our sanctions on 15 Dec when they hold their next meeting (I'm not holding my breath...
  9. Goldfish

    This year's focus is football... Hooray!! About time I might add, a bit less world changing and a bit more football will stand us in good stead for 2009. Go Eagles! :D
  10. Goldfish

    Jake King chosen for an apprenticeship with the West Coast Eagles