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  1. Tiger2709

    Has SHocking taken the first step in helping Geelong eradicate the tackle from our game?

    We all know SHocking and most of the Cats players are in favour of no tackle football, are we seeing the end of this great feature of our game, the tackle?
  2. Tiger2709

    ❤Hot teen looking for a threesome❤

    The Tigers yet again end Geelongs final series, going back to back for flag number 13, after a taste of Pussy this year we realise, that while two's nice a threesome is what we all dream of. Which of your minnow teams has a vag big enough to risk being bent over and rogered by the Mighty Tigers...
  3. Tiger2709

    Congratulations Tomahawk

    A shout out to Tubby who tonight made history as the most bog ordinary player in the history of the game to kick 600 goals, yes you heard it right, thats not ate 600 pizzas but kicked 600 career goals, kudos to the big man. Fat kids everywhere stand up and cheer.
  4. Tiger2709

    Post here if your backline is so good that you score under 6 goals and still win comfortably.

    Well who else but the Tigers can defend when they need and attack when it counts ie Grand F@cking Finals. Best defence in the comp 3 years running. Did I mention the injuries?
  5. Tiger2709

    Things that spin less than Chins McGuire

    With the recent revelation that Eddie, a member of the Corona virus "war cabinet" was up in arms when Freo had a couple of miscreants break the rules on social distancing and lockdown, claiming, "And I’m saying once we get back there will be absolutely no sense of humour about anybody climbing...
  6. Tiger2709

    If the AFL cancels 2020.

    Just wondering what we all think the AFL will do once they reach the inevitable conclussion that playing in front of empty stadiums is not going to work? Should we scrap the season, delay it, or rename the AFLM to AFLW and pretend it's already been played?
  7. Tiger2709

    Hi Kochie, thanks for China china.

    In a case of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the Giant that is the Richmond football club, has tweaked the interest of over 5 million Chinese viewers for yet another World record. Will Roy Morgan include these Asiatic Tiger lovers in his next poll or is he just a racist? All I can say is...
  8. Tiger2709

    Which clubs are really the big four of the AFL?

    I was at that Windy Hill game good the cash saved us just in time. I do appreciate many oppo clubs supporters helped us, my wife and I shook a few cans at the local, no surprises the little lady was infinitely more successful at raising funds than me. Still have a couple of snaps tucked away...
  9. Tiger2709

    Which premiership team had the most dominant finals series (criteria AFL era)

    As there hasn't been much on the forums about Richmond lately I thought I would see how this goes. On dominance in each game through a finals series, forget who the competition is or how good you may think they are, is Richmonds two Premiership years the two most dominant in the history of...
  10. Tiger2709

    Harry and Gary topping up retirement funds again.
    Threadmarks: Should "Im an individual', be Geelong's new club song

    With Harry and Gary taking the opportunity to cash up again and Dangerflop always putting himself first will Geelong yet again fail in finals in 2020. Gary was gone in finals and Harry well I thought he had already retired, compare this with Sean Grigg who retired early to allow Richmond to...
  11. Tiger2709

    Did Dangerfield inspire the Tigers to yet another win over the chokers?

    Re-watching the game and noticed how smug Dangerflop was after getting a blow job from the umpires just before the half time siren, giving him a 50m penalty for some unknown reason and an opportunity to kick withing his range of accuracy ie 10 meters. He went back to the middle and had a laugh...
  12. Tiger2709

    Should little Richmond(once known as Essendon) just fold and become the Richmond reserves?

    Wow:oops: I hope Blake Carracella still has Danks number fom the time they were both helping Geelong win flags, hes gonna need some real good s**t when he takes over as coach.
  13. Tiger2709

    Is Geelong deliberately losing to avoid Richmond in the finals or are they just the worst top side this century?

    Geelongs supporters have confirmed in previous threads that the Cats deliberately lost a game to put Richmond into ninth, are they taking this cunning tactic a step further now that it looks as if we will have too play them at their alternative home ground in the finals and deliberately losing...
  14. Tiger2709

    Are the Geelong Seagulls/Pivotonians/Cats now smaller than the Borough?

    If the Geelong Seagulls (name used in their most successful era) get the rules changed to embarrassingly include their popularly voted for VFA flags from the 1800's in their total, then will this club after nearly 150 years, a foundation Australian rules club now become smaller than Port...