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  1. prodigy

    AFLW Qualifying Final - Brisbane v Richmond - Act II of the Mental Capitulation of Dakota Davidson

    We were in her head rent free when we beat them at Punt Road. Time to do it all over again.
  2. prodigy

    AFLW Round 7 vs West Coast

    Welcome to the Conti and McKenzie show, admission is free for all ages. Come one, come all!
  3. prodigy

    AFLW General AFLW Discussion

    Felt like we needed a discussion post that isn't the VFLW one.
  4. prodigy

    AFLW Round 6 vs Gold Coast

    Sucks that we can't get a full strength team out there this year. Ellie McKenzie out with a calf. Of lesser importance Steph Williams out with a knee. In: Brennan and Yassir
  5. prodigy

    List Mgmt. Drawing Parallels and our Key Forward Conundrum

    As I was sitting on the toilet, pondering life's great mysteries, my thoughts started to shift toward our current list and its needs. In 2016, we pulled off three of probably the most important trades of our clubs recent history. Dion Prestia, Josh Caddy and Toby Nankervis, all three...
  6. prodigy

    Opinion Big Calls for 2019

    Balta to play 15+ games at AFL level
  7. prodigy

    Player Watch #19 Tom Lynch - It’s Official - OP Updated with Lynchmond goodness! Discuss.
  8. prodigy

    List Mgmt. Tom Lynch Part II - itshappening.gif

  9. prodigy

    News “Two-day draft, trade deadline hits prime time” Personally, I think these are great changes and will make the trade period more of an “event”.
  10. prodigy

    Preview Rd21 2018 Gold Coast v Richmond 2:10pm @ Metricon Stadium "The Game that Stops a Nation"

    The game, and the preview, we have all been waiting for. The ramifications of this game will shape the season as we know it. We have the Richmond Football Club, the powerhouse of the competition, sitting atop the ladder like they have the majority of this season. A game and percentage clear...
  11. prodigy

    Autopsy Roast & Toast vs Collingwood rd19 & Changes for Geelong rd20

    Note to trolls and 'well wishers', this thread is strictly no opposition supporters on game day let us melt or celebrate in peace if you wish to be respectful after game day then as always we encourage discussion, jokers and trolls will still be carded as usual. Don't push your luck. Otherwise...
  12. prodigy

    Game Day Richmond v Collingwood - 1:45pm @ The MCG (The Home of Football)

    (This Match is dedicated to the Alannah & Madeline Foundation by community partner the Richmond Football Club). Please consider donating some money or time. One of the biggest games of the season. 1 v 3, the two biggest clubs in the land, traditional...
  13. prodigy

    Autopsy VFL - Roast, Toast and Discussion (Collingwood away next week)

    After a minor scare, we had a convincing win... Who is pushing for a senior game?
  14. prodigy

    News Disney Wins Naming Rights to Etihad Stadium *this is not what it's going to look like I still don't want to play any games there.
  15. prodigy

    Autopsy VFL - Roast, Toast and Discussion (Coburg Lions next week)

    Another week, another win. Few nicknames I learned today from standing next to the bench; Corey Ellis - Corza Anthony Miles - Millsy (surprised it wasn't Milesy) Mabior Chol - Marbz/Big Daddy Connor Mendadue - Gong (Naish called him Beavis a lot as well) Daniel Rioli - Sausage (Knew about this...
  16. prodigy

    Preview VFL - Richmond vs Sandringham Saturday 2:10pm (Holm Park, Beaconsfield)

    Get down to the South East for the VFL game. I’ll be there, just a 10-15 minutes drive down the road for me. Rioli named!
  17. prodigy

    Player Spotlight The Blues Brothers - Ed and Charlie Curnow

    The Player Spotlight Series returns! Ground rules; Under no circumstance is there to be any posts that would discourage opposition supporters contributing to the thread. There will be thread bans handed out should we consider any post to be detrimental toward the discussion. This is NOT a...
  18. prodigy

    Autopsy VFL - Roast, Toast and Discussion (Sandringham next week)

    I was unable to watch this game unfortunately so if anyone can provide a comprehensive rundown that would be great. Looked like quite the win.
  19. prodigy

    Autopsy VFL - Roast, Toast and Discussion (North Melbourne next week)

    Our first loss for the year, tough way to lose it as well. Good learning experience for the kids.
  20. prodigy

    Autopsy VFL - Roast, Toast and Discussion (Footscray away next week)

    Another win notched up with a fourth-quarter fade out Discuss.