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  1. Freo Big Fella

    Western Australian State Cricket Team: Treble Winners

    The 2nds whomped Tassie - Stobo 11 wickets in addition to Wyllie's aforementioned 81.
  2. Freo Big Fella

    Mega Thread Non-Freo AFL Discussion 2023

    Sonja Hood has gone from "Well Regarded" to "Eddie McGuire" on the club presidents scale in record time.
  3. Freo Big Fella

    Streaming The Last of Us (HBO)

    Thought that was an exceptional hour of TV. As much as I get where people are coming from re wanting to see Bill's part from the game play out, shoehorning that in would have just come off as a retread of any other random Walking Dead (or insert random post-apocalyptic slog here) ep, which is...
  4. Freo Big Fella

    WWE Royal Rumble, Sunday 29th January 2023, 12pm AEDT

    Amazed by some of the criticism on here and on the socials - thought it was the best rumble in years. Feels like the same people getting worked up by the lack of surprises would be complaining about part timers if the shoe was on the other foot. Men's rumble (Gunther! Big hoss standoffs! Bork...
  5. Freo Big Fella

    BBL crowds 2022/23

    I'm sure the pampered fans in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide would happily turn out in droves to a November Test that started on a Wednesday.
  6. Freo Big Fella

    NT Alice Springs Crime Wave - Troubling or smokescreen?

    Posted this two Prime Ministers ago and am yet to see any evidence of real change at the Federal level. To be effective, policy in this area needs to be tailored and specialised to meet the unique needs of each individual community - an idea that's abhorred by shiny-arsed bureaucrats in...
  7. Freo Big Fella

    The Liberal Party - How long? - Part 2

    The fact this went down immediately after Davies' resignation is a little bit too much of a coincidence. I don't have any mail that's better than anyone else's at the moment, but I'd say it's a signal that we're going to see some sort of formal coalition heading into 2025 with Mettam as leader...
  8. Freo Big Fella

    Streaming The Last of Us (HBO)

    Although it felt like a tacit endorsement of my immediate first playthrough approach of immediately panicking, breaking stealth and firing blindly. The issue with HZD would be finding the right mix of practical and CGI effects to make the machines work in live action. Think an Read Dead...
  9. Freo Big Fella


    While most of last week's incidents were, on balance, beat-ups (the mayday call aside, maybe), Joyce has pretty much brought a lot of the bad press on himself. You want to be a high-profile political player on every policy under the sun, you can't really complain when the media treats you and...
  10. Freo Big Fella

    NT Alice Springs Crime Wave - Troubling or smokescreen?

    The idea this is only being talked about because of the voice is ridiculous - Dutton's opportunism doesn't cancel out the fact that locals (and local media) have been highlighting these issues for years. And when you're seeing violence to the degree we're seeing in Alice (and the Kimberley...
  11. Freo Big Fella

    BBL Match 52 Perth Scorchers v Melbourne Renegades 1845hrs @ Perth Stadium

    Kind of telling that Marsh on one leg at age 38 looked more composed than any bat the Gades or Stars have put on the park this season.
  12. Freo Big Fella

    BBL Match 52 Perth Scorchers v Melbourne Renegades 1845hrs @ Perth Stadium

    Hardie's hitting down the ground has just been absolutely brutal.
  13. Freo Big Fella

    BBL Match 48 Adelaide Strikers v Perth Scorchers 1600hrs @ Adelaide Oval

    Bancroft Inglis Marsh Hardie Turner Looks fine to me, particularly given they only really re-jigged the order to fit in Faf and Lyth being the only immediately available imports anyway.
  14. Freo Big Fella

    The Liberal Party - How long? - Part 2

    The funniest thing about this is that it would involve Tones conceding that he has no further real influence to exert or substantial role to play in public life. To be an effective, influential Senator, you need patience and policy chops that he just doesn't have. He'll be consigning himself...
  15. Freo Big Fella

    Streaming The Last of Us (HBO) Interesting discussion re the mouth tendrils and direct bites replacing the spores - fairly understandable from a TV logistics and shooting point of view.
  16. Freo Big Fella

    Streaming The Last of Us (HBO)

    Phenomenal start - knew what was coming having played the game, but the sense of creeping dread that built up throughout the prologue was amazing.
  17. Freo Big Fella

    Test Australia’s tour of India

    While there's obviously a bit of wishful thinking on Zampa's part here, this is another example of Bailey's inability (or unwillingness) to deliver bad news as a selector being an increasing problem.
  18. Freo Big Fella

    BBL Match 41 Melbourne Renegades v Melbourne Stars 1900hrs @ Marvel Stadium

    Just the Stars doing what they do best.
  19. Freo Big Fella

    Big Bash Future

    So rather than do any real work on why the Victorian sides, in particular, have failed to build a strong culture or effective work ethic, Cricket Australia instead rigs the comp to shoehorn them into the finals? (The amusing thing being the $tars will probably still manage to find a way to bomb...