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  1. _tigdog_

    Who will be better in 2023 Richmond or Brisbane?

    Is that you Adam?
  2. _tigdog_

    2023 Membership pack.

    Whats the go! I'm yet to even receive my membeship card, let alone a sticker. RFC were vey keen to take my money though, seems like a couple months back now.
  3. _tigdog_

    Will Geelong win the flag? How far will they go in finals?

    I know right. Have you heard his latest tirade on the pre finals bye now ruining the game (Geelongs advantage, lol.) Pre emptive excuse already, lmao. I suppose the tried and tested home final crap isnt available to use this year with the renos. He like all you Geelong soft coks are...
  4. _tigdog_

    Autopsy AFL 2022 Second Elimination Final - Lions v Tigers Thurs Sept 1st 7:20pm EST (Gabba)

    LOL. Are you alright little fella? Firstly, I never once mentioned Brisbane or our upcoming final, as it had no relevence to your little projected sulk of the Tigers having no chance. Secondly, you and most other Geelong Flogs are not 'Oppo' supporters, you are scared frightened little...
  5. _tigdog_

    Player Watch #19 Tom Lynch - It’s Official - OP Updated with Lynchmond goodness!

    Wait till Kanal Corndog and Brad Salt explain the reason that Lynch missed is simply because he missed a few games. Meanwhile Tom (top bloke) Stewart is rewarded again.
  6. _tigdog_

    Autopsy AFL 2022 Second Elimination Final - Lions v Tigers Thurs Sept 1st 7:20pm EST (Gabba)

    Lmao. Whatever helps you *sleep at night. Hows the saying go again? Death taxes and Geelong losing the QF, winning SF against a minnow and then losing the prelim? Yeah something like that. * Which for Geelong supporters is cowering under the covers with the lights on. lol
  7. _tigdog_

    Autopsy Can Richmond win the flag from outside the top 4?

    oh we missed the 8? darn it
  8. _tigdog_

    Autopsy Roast & toast vs Hawthorn & changes for Essendon

    Haha I loved those times. Confident period. Clearly. Not sure why the Geelol nipple suckling media are talking up J Cameron as the best player in the comp atm. Got to put their hope in something I suppose, knowing they'll choke in finals. LMAO thats Ben Cunnington. Preparing for his...
  9. _tigdog_

    Autopsy AFL 2022 Round 22 - Tigers v Hawks Sun August 14th 1:10pm EST (MCG)

    Keep ya skirt on! He's still got next week at their traditional home in Tassie to play out. But... Lmao at you Geelong flogs already hitting the panic button, knowing full well youre *ed, if/when you come up against the Tiges in September. Another failed campaign coming up for Salty Scott...
  10. _tigdog_

    Opinion How can this Geelong side be stopped?

    Lmao the soggy sao club is out in force again, pretending to not be butt hurt and offended by the Tiges again. :$ Only kidding themselves, the sensitive little darlings!
  11. _tigdog_

    Autopsy Can Richmond win the flag from outside the top 4?

    His last game where he did his hammy was like the Dusty of old. Hope thats not the last time we've seen it.
  12. _tigdog_

    Autopsy Roast & Toast vs Port Adelaide & Changes for R22 vs Hawthorn

    Haha. He's not happy Jan. I can hear him somehow through his passion.
  13. _tigdog_

    Autopsy AFL 2022 Round 21 - Port v Tigers Sat Aug 6th 7:40pm EST (AO)

    Lmao. The quietest mainboard Tiges match thread ever. The oppo flogs are squirming hey Farang83150
  14. _tigdog_

    Autopsy AFL 2022 Round 21 - Port v Tigers Sat Aug 6th 7:40pm EST (AO)

    No Dusty, probably gone until the Granny. And also NO! 'The tigers are not Geelong'. Are you insane? Richmond win big finals, and will bend over Geelong in a SF this year. Nothing surer. Adding it to the recent QF, PF and GF wins... A Royal flush if you like. So yes, Tiges will...
  15. _tigdog_

    Autopsy AFL 2022 Round 20 - Tigers v Lions Sun July 31st 3:20pm EST (MCG)

    It was a 'Common sense decision' Lmao we all smell the fear at carltoon. Same old s**t different year. Enjoy Keep melting flog. I really thought Chris salt would have thrown the dogs game to all but snuff out the tigers finals hopes. Cant even do that properly.
  16. _tigdog_

    Autopsy Roast and Toast vs Fremantle Round 19 and changes for Brisbane

    Ah yes. Wonthaggi was Moe by the sea pre 17' before Geelol took that title.
  17. _tigdog_

    Preview Round 18 v North Melbourne Marvel Stadium Sat 16th July 4.35 SONSIE Debuts

    Yeah its the Darcy Moore syndrome
  18. _tigdog_

    Autopsy Roast and toast vs Gold Coast and changes for North Melbourne

    :oops: You've got a nerve speaking like that around here. Consider yourself reported! It's Norf.
  19. _tigdog_

    Preview Round 17 v Gold Coast Carrara Saturday 9th July 4.35pm

    Haha, what do we the nappies for mate? Im struggling to connect the nappies and the needing lube/going in dry ump banter. :p
  20. _tigdog_

    Autopsy AFL 2022 Round 16 - Tigers v Eagles Sun July 3rd 2:10pm EST (MCG)

    The whole notion of main board neutrals and Richmond is ridiculous thanks to our recent success and another probable flag this year. :D Fear and loathing bring out some angry posts on the main board daily. Very entertaining I agree. Any main board gameday thread vs Richmond is always full of...