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  1. Cummo

    Defunct footy clubs in Melbourne

    Saint Pius Football Club (also known as West Heidelberg YCW) Colours: Black with green yoke and narrow gold and white vee Home Ground: Ford Park, Ivanhoe YCW Football League (YCWFL) 1965–1978, Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA) 1979–1982 Notable Players: Peter McKenna (Collingwood...
  2. Cummo

    Coburg Superules Senior Coach Required 2021

    Coburg Superules Football Club is now accepting applications for the position of Senior Coach (playing or non-playing) for season 2021 again competing in the Over 35’s Premier Division. Coburg Superules is a progressive and modern Masters club that has had growth and success over the past...
  3. Cummo

    VFL 2021

    You forgot Coburg. The AFL have waived fees and are subsidising travel for the standalone clubs in 2021 but how long do you think they will absorb that? I think 2021 will be a test for the standalone clubs to see if they can survive "on their own" in the league.