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  1. Mindtraveller

    Anthony Albanese - How long?

    How long before this joins the covid app?
  2. Mindtraveller

    Autopsy 2nd Elimination Final, 2023: St.Kilda v GWS *WEBSTER 150TH* *BATTLE 100TH*

    He should give them a Gary Ablett tickle and have Caminiti clean them up, Steven May style. They'll be better together after preseason
  3. Mindtraveller

    Game Day 2nd Elimination Final, 2023: St.Kilda v GWS *WEBSTER 150TH* *BATTLE 100TH*

    It's unfortunate that Membrey is out and I hope he can get around the boys. In saying that, Caminiti is going to be good
  4. Mindtraveller

    Europe War in Ukraine - Thread 3

    Going full conspiracy, Prigozhin planned it and is still alive
  5. Mindtraveller

    Discussion 2023 General AFL Discussion

    GWS free kick count is going to be insane. Only gets worse for AFL house now unless GWS win
  6. Mindtraveller

    Autopsy Round 23, 2023: St.Kilda v Geelong *HIGGINS 100TH*

    That kick into space by Cripps couldn't of been any more perfect
  7. Mindtraveller

    VFL 2023 Sandringham Zebras

    Membrey just gave the 23rd man (u18 kid?) The dirtiest look when he didn't pass him the ball. Pass was there but still
  8. Mindtraveller

    Preview Round 19, 2023: St.Kilda v North Melbourne - Marvel Stadium, Sunday 23rd July, 4:40PM AEST

    Be more tempted to put Howard forward/ruck. Don't know if he has th awareness to play further up the ground though. Peris might be unlucky, probably should get another game Phillipou a rest
  9. Mindtraveller

    The Liberal Party - How long? - Part 2

    It would be interesting to see how many would switch from Labor if a viable independent was available. Labor's primary is probably only increasing cause they're the best of the worst
  10. Mindtraveller

    NSW Gladys Berejiklian in trouble. Part 2

    Surely anyone found to be corrupt or participated in corrupt behaviour should be barred from any government jobs, political organisations and lobby groups
  11. Mindtraveller

    List Mgmt. 2023 Trade and List Management Thread

    Highmores disposals are iffy. I thought Wilkie was playing that, but is now more lockdown. Worth giving Sharman a crack. Try Howard at Fwd/Ruck
  12. Mindtraveller

    Autopsy Round 14, 2023: Richmond v St.Kilda

    Felt after it rained we still wanted to be pretty and play our game. Richmond changed to gaining meters at all cost. We looked good when we sent the chaos ball forward and terrible when we tried to hit someone up
  13. Mindtraveller

    Preview Round 14, 2023: Richmond v St.Kilda - MCG, Saturday 17th June, 7:25PM AEST

    I think they've got different roles. I really liked Caminiti playing further up the ground. Prefer Membrey in for one of the smalls if they're not performing, but it's probably Membrey or Sharman atm
  14. Mindtraveller

    Play Nice Scott Morrison in the Multiverse of Ministries.

    I did enjoy this quote from Scomo “I’ve got to say the Esther Foundation completely, completely captured my heart this week,” Probably have it in a glass jar
  15. Mindtraveller

    22/23 NHL Season

    There's still Michikov of you take the punt. Talked on the same line as the other 3 generally
  16. Mindtraveller

    Autopsy Round 8, 2023: North Melbourne v St.Kilda

    Was one of our top distance runners a few games back. His body is fine
  17. Mindtraveller

    The Liberal Party - How long? - Part 2

    I think that plays into exactly what they want to do.
  18. Mindtraveller

    Europe War in Ukraine - Thread 3

    Should just remind them how they did the last assassination on Soleimani.
  19. Mindtraveller

    The Liberal Party - How long? - Part 2

    It's getting to the point that you need to study all members below the line in the senate.