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  1. Supermercado

    AFLW 2023 Round 1 v Collingwood, Friday 1 September @Ikon Park

    Campbell didn't get much of it and dropped a couple of marks but was worth it just for letting Harris run around creating carnage rather than having to second ruck. Good signs against a mid-table side, keen to see us play contenders again.
  2. Supermercado

    AFLW 2023 Round 1 v Collingwood, Friday 1 September @Ikon Park

    Until half time this was regrettably looking like a good prediction. Then whack x8 and it looks like we're an attacking juggernaut.
  3. Supermercado

    AFLW 2023 Round 1 v Collingwood, Friday 1 September @Ikon Park

    M, F, or Other, the biggest vulnerability we have is not getting a big enough score to cover the good work of the defenders. Here's to Campbell as second ruck freeing up Harris to kick goals. Also enjoying Paxman's rebrand. Why come up with an entirely new first name when you can just sub in...
  4. Supermercado

    Research Random Footy History article thread (Trove/Google etc)

    1890 - player outraged by betting allegations will retire as soon as his other bet is decided.
  5. Supermercado

    Roast MFC Media Dept – now with injury jinxes

    Club media peaked when they tweeted a link to an Ikea TV stand instead of the team selections.
  6. Supermercado

    Colin Carter – Football’s Forgotten Years

    Agree that pre-1897 VFA games/goals should be noted on player records (albeit separately), but the problem is getting confirmed lineups and totals. Even for all the good work done by Mark Pennings in his books, I still don't have the confirmed name of every 1896 MFC player let alone the years...
  7. Supermercado

    Player Watch #6 Brodie Grundy – is not a forward

    Agree with this, it might not be what they were aiming for but if it inadvertently keeps Gawn fresh until the end of the season then it's been worth every cent. It's like a higher stakes/shorter-term version of when they recruited Melksham as a defender, realised it wasn't working three weeks...
  8. Supermercado

    Research Random Footy History article thread (Trove/Google etc)

    Behold, Phil Carman's lacklustre defence team.
  9. Supermercado

    Universal Love Melbourne memories

    The handbrake went on with force after we beat Port. Given how easily we beat Freo for win #4, imagine how much we'd have needed to cheat to lose in that game if McMahon hadn't kicked his goal after the siren.
  10. Supermercado

    Universal Love Melbourne memories

    Anyone else go to the Freo game at the MCG later that year when we briefly stopped tanking and won them by 10 goals? 13,000 is the lowest MCG crowd I've ever been in, and it felt it. I stood in the same line to get a hot dog as Jordie McKenzie.
  11. Supermercado

    Universal Love Melbourne memories

    McKenzie was the only player who came out of 186 with any credit, then they declined to award B&F votes for that game so he came out empty-handed. Also tagged Brendan Goddard into the ground when we were complete pox in early 2012, then just as you thought we might win a game... scoreless last...
  12. Supermercado

    Mega Thread General MFC Discussion Part III

    Hello internet football friends, as you may know I released a book a couple of years ago about the 1964 premiership and its unfortunate aftermath. It's reached the end of its life in bookstores but I've snatched a few copies before they can be pulped Alan Partridge style to sell directly at a...
  13. Supermercado

    Player Watch #12: Lachie Hunter – one of our best value trades ever?

    He might have been suspended, but not before treating the AFL inquisitor like a dickhead. Very enjoyable. Possibly assisted by previous experience undergoing questioning by the authorities.
  14. Supermercado

    MFC Fans Only Non Demons Footy Chat 2023 - incl. AFL Grand Final

    It'll always be a stranglewank to me.
  15. Supermercado

    Colin Carter – Football’s Forgotten Years

    I can't comment on the book itself, but I'd reluctantly accept VFA premierships being counted in the 'senior premiership' tally as long as they were clearly separated from VFL (e.g. the team has won 11 senior premierships - 2 in the VFA, 9 in the VFL. And in this case Port can have all their...
  16. Supermercado

    MFC Fans Only Non Demons Footy Chat 2023 - incl. AFL Grand Final

    We started that move, but Jesus H Christ they have gone full Hutchence. It's perverse.
  17. Supermercado


    Before they withdrew due WW1, Melbourne's zone for 1916 was meant to be: Commencing at a point at the junction of Victoria-street and Elizabeth-street, thence easterly along Victoria street and Victoria-parade to Hoddle-street; thence southerly along Hoddle-street and Punt-road to the River...
  18. Supermercado

    Opinion Is Our Flag Window Shut?

    In 2021 we lost to a bunch of s**t teams and got hot at the end of the season so I'm not going to boil myself in oil just yet.
  19. Supermercado

    Oppo Camp The Kent Kingsley Memorial Society of Spuds Who Play Well Against Melbourne

    Kent would have near fallen out of bed yesterday
  20. Supermercado

    Oppo Camp The Loony Bin - Lead Sponsor of Crazy Topkent's Alternate Adventures

    At least you keep our content up on that account now that I've entirely run out of time to post.