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  1. Zoops

    Discussion AFL 2023 Finals Series: Photos and Discussion

    You reminded me Limp Bizkit exists though, and for that I'll have to disagree.
  2. Zoops

    Discussion Random Chat Megathread Mk II

    Playing on the vibe Freight Train has brought with previous sokkah folios to tease my eventual passion project...
  3. Zoops

    News New Jumpers for 2023

    Would've been perfect had Adelaide worn blue shorts and Brisbane worn their Bears third/alt jumper with maroon shorts.
  4. Zoops

    Portfolio IPL x Adidas - Classic & Modern

    IPL x ADIDAS - CLASSIC & MODERN Since being announced as the official kit sponsor of the Indian Cricket Team, now Adidas has secured a lucrative partnership with the Indian Premier League. Partnering with Adidas, all ten franchises will don new jerseys inspired by classic Adidas designs and...
  5. Zoops

    Competition NAFL 2023 - Preseason Thread

    Crays? Real ones know where they've heard that before...
  6. Zoops

    Discussion Random Chat Megathread Mk II

    They reached out to me in February this year asking for my input/ approval of their wishes to run with that design. It was an incredible privilege to oversee the entire project. I was most certainly involved.
  7. Zoops

    Discussion Random Chat Megathread Mk II

    That's awesome to hear, I really do get a kick out of comments like this! Now that I've received my own framed version of the jumper, I do sometimes stop and admire it as though it isn't mine. I always get a kick out of that!
  8. Zoops

    Competition NAFL 2023 - Preseason Thread

    adidas, again
  9. Zoops

    News Essendon exploring logo change

    I remember you made a similar point around North's 2003 heritage jumper. A throwback to a compromised design that was highly unsuccessful and if it is supposed to celebrate history, why celebrate an era best forgotten?