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  1. worbod

    Mega Thread The Questions Thread - Part II

    Is it allowed that somebody can serve as a state premier and prime minister during their political career? (Obviously not at the same time).
  2. worbod

    Brownlow tips

    Musical acts do not enhance the Brownlow (or Allan Border Medal).
  3. worbod

    Stats observations

    Sorry about that, chief. I gave you a Like to help your total draw closer to your Posts total.
  4. worbod

    Stats observations

    With 23 home and away rounds having been played this year and with GWS and Carlton now out of the finals, no player any longer has the chance to equal John Cassin's 1977 record of playing 27 games in one season.
  5. worbod

    No Oppo Supporters Non Bulldog Footy Talk - Bulldogs only - Part 5

    GWS denied a grand final appearance by a kick!!! Hmmm, sounds familiar.
  6. worbod

    Stats observations

    Taking a time machine to the late 1980s...sounds like an excellent adventure.
  7. worbod

    Stats observations

    Most consecutive finals losses after winning a premiership Consecutive losses Team Premiership year Subsequent losses 7 Collingwood 1903 1904 semi-final, 1905 semi-final, 1905 grand final, 1906 semi-final, 1907 semi-final, 1908 semi-final, 1909 semi-final 4 Carlton 1982 1983 elimination...
  8. worbod

    Movie Film Trivia

    An American actor named Greg Yoder there is.
  9. worbod

    The Who 20-1

    Damn, I'm too late to guess where the song ranked. I wanted to say "number free".
  10. worbod

    Stats questions

    Bernie Quinlan made his debut for Footscray against Fitzroy. When he debuted for Fitzroy his first game was in round 8, 1978 against Carlton. If he had been made to wait one more week he would have debuted for Fitzroy against Footscray. Are there any two-club players who made both debuts against...
  11. worbod

    FTA-TV Which TV shows are you watching now.

    I watched the previews for the Aussie mini series One Night this week, which premieres tomorrow. Jodie Whittaker seems to deliver a very passable Australian accent.
  12. worbod

    Review Lobb is God! Dogs jam pussies at the Cattery

    A nice touch by Beveridge to hug and congratulate Isaac Smith after the game. I'm just glad he didn't kiss him. It's been a bad week for coaches kissing football players.
  13. worbod

    Lame Jokes Part 2

    You should always wear glasses while doing math. It improves division.
  14. worbod

    Not Worth A Thread - Random Bulldog Discussion - Part 2

    Remember when Travis Cloke kicked his first goal for us in 2017 against Collingwood? As Joffa and the Collingwood mob behind the goal began sucking lemons, Cloke was mobbed by Bulldog players left, right and centre. This trend of mobbing a player after he kicks his first goal for a club is now...
  15. worbod

    Cummins Overrated?

    An interesting stat about Pat Cummins: he made his debut in all major formats of cricket during 2011. On January 19 he made his domestic Twenty20 debut for New South Wales against Tasmania. On February 13 he made his domestic one-day debut for New South Wales against Queensland. On March 3 he...
  16. worbod

    5th Ashes Test England v Australia July 27-31 1930hrs @ The Oval

    It has been a bad year for England against Australia. They could not win The Ashes and now we have beaten them in the netball World Cup. What else could go wrong for the Poms? I sense a Women's FIFA World Cup semi-final coming up next week.
  17. worbod

    Stats questions

    Do you mean for an entire match, or do you mean the longest streak of goals before a behind, as with Sydney last round where they kicked 12 goals before registering their first behind of the game?
  18. worbod

    Stats questions

    Brent Harvey and Dustin Fletcher opposed each other on 22 occasions. I presume this would be the league record? Is anybody able to produce a top 10?
  19. worbod

    Preview Changes vs Hawthorn, Rd 22, 2023

    Hawthorn currently 44 points up in the final quarter against Collingwood. This is a good omen as it lessens the chances of Hawthorn having an upset win against us.
  20. worbod

    Movie Film Trivia

    In the 2015 movie Hyena Road, David Richmond-Peck plays a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan with the surname Hickey. His right-hand man in this operation is a soldier played by Rossif Sutherland with the surname Sanders. At one point Hickey is meeting with a Pakistani former militant in order to...