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  1. AFLData

    GOAL ASSISTS - How do they measure them?

    Tackles are one of the the most difficult stats to record. The most clear-cut and non-arbitrary tackles are the ones that result in a free kick for holding the ball, but seems like the AFL/Champion Data don't make this available either. I think we'd all like to know which players have the...
  2. AFLData

    GOAL ASSISTS - How do they measure them?

    They should be, and easily could be, but the AFL is sadly lacking in that regard.
  3. AFLData

    GOAL ASSISTS - How do they measure them?

    The way goal assists are recorded is far too arbitrary. It really should be absolute. Most people would expect any kick, handball, knock on, or ruck tap that results in the next disposal being a team-mate kicking a goal should be a goal assist (providing there was not a stoppage or opposition...
  4. AFLData

    Best final game? Roughys six goals?

    You can use this - one of the last columns has a "Last Game" filter. You can then filter by pretty much any combination of match details and also the player's State of Origin, Indigenous heritage, etc. Eg. Most goals kicked in final V/AFL game by a non-Victorian player: 8.2 J.Kennedy WC (WA)...
  5. AFLData

    Opinion What would 2022 AFL State of Origin teams look like on paper?

    Orazio Fantasia can't get a run for SA? Av. of 1.46 goals per game and has kicked 4+ on 12 occasions. Josh Bruce's State of Origin is ACT. Pretty handy backup forward. Has kicked 5+ on 10 occasions including 10.2 in a game last year.