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  1. BigVic

    NaCl ^16 [emoji3165][emoji3165] Just get over it
  2. BigVic

    Why We, (Used To Lose) Grand Finals

    Luck was on our side this year and I was relieved when we finally won a September flag after years of failure and copping lots from the opposition
  3. BigVic

    Amazing coincidences in football

    1990 Collingwood played 26 games 2010 Collingwood played 26 games 2023 Collingwood played 26 games Difference between 1990 and 2010 was that 2023 has Gather Round which increased the season to 23 rounds instead of a drawn final and a subsequent replay.
  4. BigVic

    Coach Craig McRae

    Legend. Fastest rebuild from 17th to a flag. Finally won us a close grand final after many years of heartbreak and close losses we were all accustomed and used to
  5. BigVic

    Player Watch Jack Ginnivan

    Last year he went to Europe in the offseason and was in and out of the side. Good to see him wanting to be fitter next season
  6. BigVic

    Collingwood - Media missing our painful past

    Revisiting this and I am relieved we broke our curse on the weekend.
  7. BigVic

    NaCl ^16 [emoji3165][emoji3165]

    I love our club and the jealousy of our rivals
  8. BigVic

    Certified Legendary Thread 🏆 COLLINGWOOD 2023 PREMIERS 🏆

    Also the longest wait for a flag in a while
  9. BigVic

    Great grand final matchups we were robbed of

    Or in 2008 had they caused massive upsets against Geelong and Hawthorn.
  10. BigVic

    Great grand final matchups we were robbed of

    Collingwood vs Richmond 2019 and Collingwood vs Geelong 2022 would've been better contests than what we got these two years with both NSW teams well beaten. And Richmond vs Geelong in 2017 would've been another good matchup the first in September. We'd be too strong for Carlton but the...
  11. BigVic

    NaCl ^16 [emoji3165][emoji3165]

    The Richmond ones are disturbing
  12. BigVic

    NaCl ^16 [emoji3165][emoji3165]

    Josh didn't play in 2018 and Darcy Moore was overlooked by Bucks
  13. BigVic

    Amazing coincidences in football

    Collingwood 2023 AFL Premiership and Penrith 2023 NRL Premiership Both were won by teams in black and white Both winning teams came from behind and were the “home” teams Both losing teams were called Brisbane Both were great games and went down to the wire Both were played in significantly...
  14. BigVic

    Where does the 2023 AFL grand final rank?

    Up in my top 10 as one of the great grand finals of all time. After a few years of blowouts and one-sided grand finals which are common, it was refreshing to have a close game on Saturday between two great clubs with the margin not exceeding more than 13 points (Brisbane's lead in the 2Q) My...
  15. BigVic

    Opinion Should players who miss out on a flag deserve a premiership medal?

    Absolutely. I was gutted for Adams and Noble when they missed out on a premiership medal
  16. BigVic

    Are we cursed?

    We are not cursed. We have buried the Colliwobbles once and for all as well as the pain of September Grand Final losses from 1960 to 2018. During that period we were close in 1966, 1970, 1979, 2002 and 2018 sandwiched with two flags in October 1990 and 2010 following drawn finals. The ghosts...
  17. BigVic

    Best moment of the Grand Final

    Bobby Hill's mark and goal. One of the best grand final marks of all time. Sidebottom's game-winner
  18. BigVic

    Player Watch Jack Ginnivan

    Media should leave Ginni alone. He is still a young man and his performance yesterday after the media caught him sneaking into the races played a part
  19. BigVic

    Amazing coincidences in football

    September 25, 2006 Adam Goodes won a legacy 2nd Brownlow Medal, September 30, 2006 His team Sydney lost the Grand Final by less than a kick September 25, 2023 Lachie Neale won a legacy 2nd Brownlow Medal, September 30, 2006 His Team Brisbane lost the Grand Final by less than a kick
  20. BigVic


    Waiting for the 2023 AFL grand final to come up here