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  1. hawker11

    Tim O'Brien: Corner turned. 2yr extension announced.

    Starting to show signs of great things at a time where he is unsigned and could walk at the season's end.
  2. hawker11

    Game Day Round 18, 2019: Cats v Hawks, 1.10pm @ MCG

    Jaeger needs to get the toe poke off the ground out of his game - it rarely works to our advantage. Much rather he take possession and wear a tackle.
  3. hawker11

    Hawks to exit Tassie after 2021?

    Then take a look at who we played and when we played them. The Hawks hold their own.
  4. hawker11

    Game Day Hawthorn v Carlton, 3.20pm

    We are by every definition a shambles.
  5. hawker11

    AFL 2019 Round 6: Essendon v Collingwood, 3:20pm AEST MCG

    I had no idea Pendles liked Israel's inta post.
  6. hawker11

    Game Day Round 5 2019: Hawks v Cats, 3:20pm @MCG

    Good effort overall, but not Hawthorn standard. Gunston, Smith, Bruest - opportunity to lead the next generation, they aren't doing enough to show they want it. Mirra a VFL footballer - better off playing a kid instead. Slow in mind and body.
  7. hawker11

    Alistair Clarkson - What number Draft Pick?

    Why would you give up pick one for someone who hasn't got the talent to win coach of the year?
  8. hawker11

    New Hawks clash/away jumper?

  9. hawker11

    Next Hawthorn FC Captain - Ben Stratton

    3AW ran with the rumour that there will be co-captains. I hope the Hawks don't adopt this trend.
  10. hawker11

    Hands in the back rule set to be axed

    I might be in the minority here but why would you roll back a rule that actually removed the grey from a push in the back decision and return it to an "interpretation"?
  11. hawker11

    Preview 2018 1st Semi Final: Hawthorn v Melbourne, 14 September 2018, 7.50pm @ MCG

    A bit harsh on Cegs...hardly conditions for the rucks tonight. In: Brand, Shoe Out: Stratton, Nash
  12. hawker11

    No Opposition Supporters General AFL and other clubs discussion thread. **Opposition fans not welcome** Part 3

    Gaff's next game is more likely to be for us than the eagles :eek:
  13. hawker11

    Tom Mitchell, recovering from a broken leg and now a Hawk until the end of 2023

    Nathan Buckley somehow managed to make the "not worth tagging" related comments stick. The reality is every game since has piled egg after egg on his face. You've gotta wonder how many Hawthorn games are watched but those that continue to share Buckley's view. The Brownlow should be a dead...
  14. hawker11

    Preview Round 20, 2018: Hawthorn v Essendon, 4 August 2018, 1.45pm @ MCG

    Weather looking fine for this Saturday - I haven't regretted reserving seats for this one. Hope our supporter base pulls it's finger out and turns up in big numbers.
  15. hawker11

    Universal Love Thanks Cyril, 11 amazing years, One of the greatest Hawks

    Cyril brought great joy to us fans over many years. Hope he finds the peace in his family that he is retiring to seek. Thanks for a tonne of great memories.
  16. hawker11

    Game Day Giants v Hawthorn

    Stoppages ... unforgivable
  17. hawker11

    Jumper clash fails

    To think this could be resolved with a mature and rational agreement between the two clubs.
  18. hawker11

    Red Cards in Footy

    Not for incidents like Cameron's - hesitant to think this is a good idea as I have little faith in the AFL to get it right once put in place.
  19. hawker11

    Jonathan O'Rourke

    Some of your best material.
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