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  1. BigVic

    Favourite Collingwood Goals

    Peter Daicos' goal vs West Coast at Waverley in the 1990 Qualifying Final
  2. BigVic

    Favourite Collingwood Goals

    What a goal that was
  3. BigVic

    Player Watch Welcome to Collingwood Harry Demattia

    Harry has settled into his new club well
  4. BigVic

    Prediction In the end, which club will Damien Hardwick be most associated with?

    Richmond. Took the club from a rabble to a powerhouse and left the club with 3 premierships, free of debt and 100,000+ members.
  5. BigVic

    737 Crashes into World Trade Centre

    First reports were inaccurate including the reports of a light plane crashing into the North Tower when Sully broke the news.
  6. BigVic

    Player Watch Darcy Moore

    9 years since we drafted a future premiership captain
  7. BigVic

    Toast 🏆 GF = PIES WIN PREMIERSHIP #16 🏆🥇

    Exciting times to be a Pies fan. At the start of the decade we were going nowhere. Fast forward to almost 2 months since the flag, we have 16 premierships, the biggest fanbase in footy and are planning for 2024 and beyond.
  8. BigVic

    Toast 🏆 GF = PIES WIN PREMIERSHIP #16 🏆🥇

    Rock and Roll All Nite is another song associated with our 2023 flag
  9. BigVic

    The Collingwood (Long) Chant

    I do like our chant. The Prelim at the end was spine-tingling
  10. BigVic

    Toast 🏆 GF = PIES WIN PREMIERSHIP #16 🏆🥇

    We've enjoyed grand final wins around a full moon since 1990. 1990 - full moon Oct 4 won GF Oct 6 2010 - full moon Sept 23 drawn GF, won Oct 2 2023 - full moon Sept 29 won GF Sept 30
  11. BigVic

    Discussion TV Broadcast Graphics - Designs & Discussion

    New graphics rolled out for IND vs AUS T20's
  12. BigVic

    Prediction Next Coach Sacked (2024 edition)

  13. BigVic

    Club Focus Tasmania 2028 - The List Build

    After the controversy surrounding this year's AFL draft, how should Tassie be awarded when they enter the comp in 5 years time? I think an expansion draft similar to what the Vegas Golden Knights (2017) and Seattle Kraken (2021) did in the NHL prior to their debut seasons. The draft was done...
  14. BigVic

    What changes would you like to see in 2024 and beyond?

    We only had one 1 v 2 grand final since the pre finals bye was introduced which was this year
  15. BigVic

    Player Watch Welcome to Collingwood Harry Demattia

    DeMattia was our 13th man for the Australian team 12 months ago and he now wears #13 13 years between the 2010 and 2023 premierships
  16. BigVic

    Player Watch Nathan Murphy

    So happy he is playing next season. 21/22 premiership players returning in 2024
  17. BigVic

    Opinion Grade your team's draft

    C+ for me We got Harry DeMattia at pick no.25 and Tew Jiath at pick no.37. Was expected as we won the flag less than 2 months ago. DeMattia will be a fan-favourite as well as TJ.
  18. BigVic

    Player Watch Welcome to Collingwood Tew Jiath

    He slots right into our squad. TJ vs CJ the Jiath brothers cup will be worth watching
  19. BigVic

    Player Watch Welcome to Collingwood Tew Jiath

    Went to the club be supported as a kid
  20. BigVic

    Player Watch Welcome to Collingwood Tew Jiath

    Welcome to the Pies Jiath. Can't wait to see him develop IQ. TJ and IQ defenders