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    Toast Round 1 = Geelong 103-125 Collingwood

    Collingwood are by far the best team to watch not only going on last night but also on last seasons performances. Just goes to show that if you have belief in each other and have an attacking mindset anything can be achieved. Your players play with a smile and just look to be having the time...
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    Universal Love Round 13 (Pies win, farewell Bucks)

    As an opposition supporter I've admired the way that Collingwood always turn up for the big games and today was another perfect example. They sent Bucks out in style and I have nothing but respect for the way the players went about it, they gave everything and one in particular Maynard showed...
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    Autopsy So so so close (Please read OP)

    I know what a poor excuse :)
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    Autopsy So so so close (Please read OP)

    Spilt water on my keyboard and tried to clean it with a rag :(
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    Autopsy So so so close (Please read OP)

    Just watched Buck's presser and the bloke is all class !!. They showed him with his arms around the runner (Alex Woodward) who was distraught. Also to console the cheer squad before the game after the banner broke ; you guys are lucky to have not only a great coach but also a great human being.
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    Autopsy So so so close (Please read OP)

    You guys have been amazing all year, losing players through injury yet still getting the job done. Today it didn't go your way but you should all be proud of what your club has achieved !. Wish my club had as much heart !