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  1. jackenny

    Club Focus Hawthorn 2023

    Reeves is a big part of Hawks improvement in the midfield, because he’s allowing a greater amount of first-use possession. This has helped Worpel’s game the most, because it’s highlighting his strengths (clearance work and bollocking) and minimising his weaknesses being showcased (chasing ass...
  2. jackenny

    Club Focus Hawthorn 2023

    Big knock on Watson for me is his set shots for goal. He can do amazing, mercurial things, but he isn’t a dead-eyed dick in front of goal. But he’s still a potentially elite small forward and I rate his scope a lot higher than Higgins (weird comparison, but he reminds me of a mini-munch version...
  3. jackenny

    Opinion Grade your team's draft

    Yeah, bargain of the draft. And Adelaide have a great track record at developing / utilising dangerous intercepting defenders (Lever, Doedee), so this is the best fit for some fast track development for Curtin, imo. So long as Adelaide think of him like those two players and not as a shut-down...
  4. jackenny

    News AFL to overhaul the draft, discuss changes to Academy and FS bid matching

    Yeah, and West Coast won a premiership in 2018. The Suns are yet to even make finals. The nascent Dockers made finals for the first time in less than a decade after their first season. In comparison, it’s 13 years and counting for the Suns. Trust me, the Suns need more help. It’s not just about...
  5. jackenny

    Club Focus Hawthorn 2023

    There’s a bit written on Hawks having a chance to get Curtin, but honestly the clear standouts to me in that draft were Reid > Watson or Curtin > McKercher > Dursma in that order. Getting Curtin would be a “in five years” draftee; Watson will be ready to roll much like Kosi at Melbourne in only...
  6. jackenny

    Club Focus Hawthorn 2023

    Weddle was great recruitment. He is an AFL footballer. A kid who plays 17 games in his first year (including a 2 goal, 28 touches, 7 marks game) is an easy win. I honestly felt he did more as a first year player than Cam Mackenzie (whose role is more difficult to be fair) and Hustwaite, tbh. His...
  7. jackenny

    Draft Expert PMBangers 2023 Draft Thread

    Libba is the most important midfielder at the Dogs, IMO. Midfield runs like a dream when he’s playing; wheels seem to completely fall off if he gets injured or is out. I know he doesn’t have much flash but that grunt work he does is ridiculously valuable.
  8. jackenny

    Best captain this century > Voss, Hodge, Selwood or Cotchin?

    I feel like when push come to shove, Selwood wilted terribly, especially during that transition period. People forget how terribly Selwood played in 2015 when he finally, truly became ‘the man’. It was Dangerfield who was recruited for 2016 that rejuvenated the side and re-galvanised leadership...
  9. jackenny

    Unrestricted Free Agent Will Gould [delisted]

    Fair point. I am mostly drawing from his 2022 season; clearly he took a step backwards this year. Hopefully it’s a ‘one step back, two steps forward’ situation.
  10. jackenny

    Unrestricted Free Agent Will Gould [delisted]

    Genuinely great VFL level player. Big issue is his dominance at VFL level never seemed to translate to AFL level; Will claims a lack of opportunity. I agree-ish. Is he one of those players too good for VFL but not good enough for AFL?
  11. jackenny

    Play Nice Referendum - Indigenous Voice in Parliament - Part 2

    Your mistake is believing I have to validate my view to you. Why? It’s your view asking for change; it’s your view positing an accusation; the logical onus is on you to sway my mind, not the other way round. Your view is the overwhelming minority. Mine is the majority. Self-righteous indignation...
  12. jackenny

    Play Nice Referendum - Indigenous Voice in Parliament - Part 2

    Yes, but what have the Romans ever done for us?
  13. jackenny

    Traded Jack Gunston [Traded to Hawthorn in Swap of Ryan and picks]

    Believe he still has value if you manage his recovery. He shouldn’t be as cooked if you literally play him every second game instead of aiming for a full season. And have him in the coach’s box when being ‘managed’.
  14. jackenny

    Play Nice Referendum - Indigenous Voice in Parliament - Part 2

    Albonese was gracious in defeat. I really take to heart his sentiments whether or not you voted ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, remember that this result is very hurtful for a number of people who have faced racially traumatic events in their life, and have been trying for reconciliation for decades. Even if...
  15. jackenny

    Traded Mabior Chol [Traded with #62 to Hawthorn for F2 (Bris)]

    This will be a brilliant coup for Box Hill. Box Hill favourites for VFL granny 2024!
  16. jackenny

    Scott Pendlebury - Standing in the game?

    Very true on the HBF point. Think the turning point for Hodge was playing for Brisbane for that short stint; not just for his ability to seemingly improve a side by just being part of it, but as a clutch player in his own right. I definitely rate Fyfe as a better player, though - if not for...
  17. jackenny

    Scott Pendlebury - Standing in the game?

    I feel like Hodge and Selwood were underrated as actual players. Hodge due to being compared to Judd. Selwood due to being compared to Ablett. But really, they were always Top 5 in their teams. I mean, Hodge has two Norm Smiths. Guy can play.
  18. jackenny

    Club Focus Hawthorn 2023

    Not wrong. Hawks have been getting played like chumps this off-season. Amon was a definite success last year, though. Off season isn’t over yet but it should be concerning… Tasmania is coming.
  19. jackenny

    Recommitted Denver Grainger-Barras [OOC 2024]

    Defenders usually don’t start hitting their straps at AFL until around 22 years old. Give him at least two more years before writing him off, or this could turn into a Josh Kennedy situation all over again.
  20. jackenny

    Free Agency Ben McKay [Joins Essendon as RFA]

    I liked Frawley, but let’s not rewrite history by pretending he was perennially just-short of being an All-Australian year after year. He made the team once in 2010. He made the squad once in 2010. That’s it. Are you sure you’re not confusing him for Brian Lake or Luke McPharlin?