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  1. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Player Watch Welcome to Hawthorn, Denver Grainger-Barras

    Is DGB really as quick as some are making out? Maybe he just has a poor tank, but not seen him explode away as a forward or back?
  2. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    List Mgmt. Hawk's List Management 2023

    Are we seriously goign to offer Esava Ratogolea 7 years and $5 million? Has done nothing to warrant a contract like that?
  3. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Welcome Welcome to Hawthorn: Pick 18, Josh Weddle - Round 10, Rising Star!

    Cannot wait too see him play and best of luck to him.
  4. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Toast James Sicily - Hawthorn captain 2023 - AA 2023!

    The clarification comments from him and the club are surely to douse the flames and I doubt very accurate/honest. Good learning opportunity for Sis though but a fecken dumb thing to say.
  5. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Player Watch Welcome to Hawthorn, Denver Grainger-Barras

    I thought he was just ok, not solid. Just needs time I suppose. At this stage he doesn't have the size or strength to play on the big guys, nor the pace or agility for the blokes more his size. Love his competitiveness and agro though.
  6. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Unofficial Preview Round 1, 2023: Hawthorn v Essendon, MCG 3.20pm March 19th

    Nope. FF: Bruest - Reeves - Wingard HF: Macdonald - Kosi - Moore Ce: Ward - Newcombe - Amon HB: Impey - Sicily - CJ FB: Hardwick - Blanck - Frost Ru: Meek RR: Mackenzie Ro: Worpel I/C: Nash, Maginness, Greene and Day Emerg: Bramble, Butler and Denver.
  7. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Review Hawthorn v Cats - match sim - Thursday 23rd Feb, GMHBA

    Absolutely agreee with your point on the score, but not the aggression bit. You can be aggressive and very phsyical without risking suspension and fines. We are a young immature side though so maybe that will come as our smaller bodies develop.
  8. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Player Watch Welcome to Hawthorn: Pick 23, Sam Butler

    Does he have the tank for that / does the club believe he can develop it?
  9. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Player Watch Welcome to Hawthorn, Tyler Brockman!

    This is so great to read. I remember his first pre-seaosn and that game against North and he just looked like he could be absolutely anything and end up A grade or even elite. Hoping he has an injury free year and his form warrants lots of AFL-level games.
  10. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Training Hawthorn intra-club, Latrobe Uni, 5pm Wednesday 15th

    Mitchell openly stated a number of times last year that he picks 7 defenders each week. With DGB not making huge strides and Day likely to be playing midfield, that leaves: Siss, Blanck, Hardwick, CJ, Impey, Frost and Scrimmers. We probably start the six that make the most sense based on the...
  11. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Player Watch Welcome to Hawthorn, Denver Grainger-Barras

    Looking at the intra mtach highlights, a bit worried about Denver's lack of progress. He doesn't have the strength to go with the bigger forwards/resting rucks nor the speed to go with the third talls. Expect oppo coaches will find it very easy to force a mtach up that works in their favour...
  12. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Player Watch Welcome to Hawthorn, Fergus Greene

    Really hoping he gets a go early and takes it with both hands.
  13. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Welcome Welcome to Hawthorn : Pick 7, Cam MacKenzie, extends to 2026!

    Hope we get to see a little bit of Reeves/Meek with Jai, Cam and Wardy starting in the centre square in the practice matches.
  14. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Training 2022 - 2023 Off-Season and Pre-Season training Watch

    Don't think we've ever had two first year players win successive year time trials. Was expecting Weddle to debut in the second half of the year but would be great if he and Cam Mackenzie were in the Round 1 team.
  15. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Prediction How many debutants in 2023?

    Seamus got to get his body right first. I would expect they would want to see a decent run at BHH level without breaking down before he is selected.
  16. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Welcome Welcome to Hawthorn: Cooper Stephens

    Geez we now have a significant number of potential on-ballers with Jai, Worps, Ward, C-Mac, Long and now Stephens, Frenchy, HH... etc. Hopefully a number of them really come on.
  17. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Training 2022 - 2023 Off-Season and Pre-Season training Watch

    Anyone know why his partner still lives in WA? I get it for a year if the person was finishing off a degree, etc, but doesn't seem very sustainable... ?
  18. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Unofficial Preview Best 22! Who’s in the team Round 1, 2023?

    Can we play Reeves, Meek, Mitch Lewis and Kosi all in the same side though?
  19. Collins-Langford-Ayres

    Breaking news

    Needs Clarko vs Hawthorn