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  1. Vintage

    Training Preseason 2024

    Spherical not an option? Or should I choose “other/not sure”?
  2. Vintage

    Training Preseason 2024

    bit concerning if Ryan can’t even be bothered shaving for day 1, similar for Fyfe with his shoes. Reeks of laziness.
  3. Vintage

    Training Preseason 2024

    Thought Jacob’s ladder was still closed after the fire?
  4. Vintage

    Women's Footy AFLW season 2023 - Season 8

    3. Mim Strom
  5. Vintage

    Women's Footy AFLW season 2023 - Season 8

    Best clubwoman Ange Stannett
  6. Vintage

    Game Day 2023 AFL Draft - The Late Male Edition

    Hi all, is there a thread or link with the draft order for this year and next? That nice excel extract?
  7. Vintage

    Fixture Mens 2024 Fixture

    I’m normally pretty reasonable and look for positives in most things Freo and AFL, but this round 0 / opening round and bye situation is completely shitehouse crap
  8. Vintage

    Cam Rayner

    Mihocek has carved out a great career for someone taken 2nd round of the rookie draft. Good on him and Collingwood. What a bargain. Rayner has not done as well relative to his draft position. Whether or not he’s top 20 in his draft year might be argued, but he definitely isn’t top 10, which...
  9. Vintage

    Training Preseason 2024

    Yep, he won that bet 👍
  10. Vintage

    Fixture Mens 2024 Fixture

    Happy with that. Will be a good test against what I expect will be good opposition next year, Adelaide oval leading into the night game. No complaints.
  11. Vintage

    Top 20 Players in the game

    Agree, I’d definitely take sic ahead of stewart these days. youve got to have a couple of tall forwards in - curnow had a rough finals series but he’s still in the top 20 for mine. from Freo I really hope Luke Jackson is in these conversations for 25 or 26. Not sure who else has the potential...
  12. Vintage

    Women's Footy AFLW season 2023 - Season 8

    Thought our play was pretty solid for 3 quarters then we got overrun in the last by a team with a whole lot more on the line. God I love O’Driscoll, so good.
  13. Vintage

    Training Preseason 2024

    I quite like the Sunday arvo slot for home games. not expecting too many prime time games in 2024. Hopefully more in 2025 🤞
  14. Vintage

    Which current coach do you dislike the most?

    Clarkson, Beveridge - really needed 2 votes. dont have a problem with any of the others.
  15. Vintage

    2024 Ladder Prediction

    am I the only one that thinks dusty will struggle to be top 100 next year, let alone having him in at 19?
  16. Vintage

    Play Nice AFL Womens - General Discussion

    He’s been extremely unpopular for a long time. That was just the final and most visible to outside world example.
  17. Vintage

    Top 50- Season 24

    I’m expecting to see U Nicorn in everyone’s top 50 by the end of the year.
  18. Vintage

    Play Nice AFL Womens - General Discussion

    Quit? what a joke, should never have been allowed to quit. Should have been gone a long time ago.
  19. Vintage

    Coach Justin Longmuir

    You’ve obviously played under him recently, tell us more
  20. Vintage

    List Mgmt. 2023 List Management thread - Pt2 Now With Added Wailing & Gnashing of Teeth

    So in line with thread title, I have a strong interest in forwards - worth going through all 251 pages of this thread or is this page a good summary?