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  1. big_e

    Stats questions

    Brilliant, thank you! I'd looked for something like that but couldn't find it. BF to the rescue again.
  2. big_e

    Stats questions

    Does anyone know how the AFL Player Ratings work? In the North vs Eagles game last week, this happened: Oscar Allan: 8 disps, 5 marks, 2 tackles, 2 i50s, 3 score invs, 2 goals, 3rd highest ranking Cam Zurhaar: 16 disps, 6 marks, 5 tackles, 10 score invs, 2 goals, 39th highest ranking...
  3. big_e

    All things re *Paul*'s

    Great site, have referred to it for a while. Thanks for your efforts.
  4. big_e

    Who Wins? Abletts or Riewoldts? Most Goals for a related duo.....

    Gary snr had a couple of brothers play VFL, of course Gary jnr's brother Nathan is in there, too. Plus their cousins, the Tucks (sons of Michael). Will be pushing 2000 goals, all tolled.