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  1. big_e

    Private Schools

    I've got a mate who went to Guildford Grammar and works in the arts and he says it opens a lot of doors there, too.
  2. big_e

    Private Schools

    Isn't part of the reason parents send their kids to private schools - the top ones, anyway - because of the old school tie effect? That going to, say, Scotch, will open doors for them in later life?
  3. big_e

    Private Schools

    The tradies and hospitality thing at Maza is likely a function of it being the only Catholic boys school for miles. If you want your kid to get a Catholic education, no matter their path in life or their career goals, you don't really have many other choices.
  4. big_e

    Employment The Interview - What to do & say

    The best piece of advice I got in a job interview was from someone who told me that they can see your employment history, etc from your resume, but the interview is to find out what you are like as a person. So in addition to the rest of the good tips above, be yourself. One question I'd like...