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  1. big_e

    AFL Grand Final AFL 2021 GRAND FINAL - Demons v Dogs Sat September 25th 7:15pm EST / 5:15pm WST (Optus) Congratulations Demons! 🍾🏆 Match Highlights in OP

    Seems legit, if only because you'd be highly unlikely to get a pro-Dogs message on a CAT bus.
  2. big_e

    AFL Round 18: Collingwood vs North Melbourne 1:45pm AEST @MCG

    He has a long run-up? Why has no-one mentioned this before?
  3. big_e

    Collingwood Vs North Melbourne - Rd 18, 2016 - @Etihad 7:50

    One of the many NMFC inspired rules changes of recent years.
  4. big_e

    Round 15: North Melbourne vs West Coast

    Melbourne is north of Tasmania.