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  1. danielcan

    Delisted Rhys Mathieson (2015-2023)

    I feel the same.
  2. danielcan

    "FirstDogOnTheMoon is your friend"

    I miss FirstDog here. Of course, his brilliant work in The Guardian is brilliant
  3. danielcan

    Delisted Mitchell Hinge (2016-2020)

    First career goal for Mitchell in round 10 against Fremantle 2019
  4. danielcan

    Delisted Mitchell Hinge (2016-2020)

    Mitchel Hinge selected to debut in round 9 against Adelaide Crows (link) Bumping up this thread
  5. danielcan

    Sponsor Watch

    As long as the club does not share our contact details with the gambling firm.
  6. danielcan

    Melbourne Family Day - Sunday March 10

    Beaut photos blynd_freddie
  7. danielcan

    "FirstDogOnTheMoon is your friend"

    Almost a year and a half and no new post?
  8. danielcan

    Past Joel Patfull (2005-2014) Love your style Joel
  9. danielcan

    Everybody's random stuff

  10. danielcan

    Past Josh Drummond (2004-2012)

    I still miss drum-roll
  11. danielcan

    Football Related Random Thread

    Random post because BigFooty sent me an email about being lonely...
  12. danielcan

    2017 Membership: All for One

    Is that maroon plastic thing at the bottom a poncho? I don't want to open it unless I have to.
  13. danielcan

    2017 Membership: All for One

    ALL FOR ONE. How good is that bit of the song for a slogan? I reckon it'll make an excellent chant. ALL FOR ONE. ALL FOR ONE. ALL FOR ONE...
  14. danielcan

    "FirstDogOnTheMoon is your friend"

    I nearly fainted when I read your latest First Dog The secrets of The Simpsons ... as revealed by Matt Groening!
  15. danielcan

    Lions merchandise info/questions

    I am an idiot and have just realised that our guernsey had dropped the paddle pop lion last year and reverted to the traditional lion.
  16. danielcan

    Past Mitch Clark #2 (2006-2011)

    Clark to leave Cats "Geelong has decided to part ways with Mitch Clark. The 29-year-old key forward, who joined the Cats in October 2014, played nine AFL games for the Cats over two seasons. He previously played 82 games for the Brisbane Lions and 15 for Melbourne." Best wishes Mitch.
  17. danielcan

    Traded Pearce Hanley (2007-2016)

    He was the last player link to Leigh Matthews as coach following Rog's retirement. This is quite an end of an era. 2008 was such a long time ago.
  18. danielcan

    Retired Joel Patfull (Retired #24)

    Well done Joel on a great career. Been great knowing you from back in 2007 when I sponsored you at Brisbane Lions.
  19. danielcan

    Past Joel Patfull (2005-2014)

    This was in 2008.
  20. danielcan

    Past Joel Patfull (2005-2014)

    This back in 2007