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  1. Norm De Guerre

    Movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

    I reckon that the apparent lack of suspense is a legacy of the original trilogy formula of knowing when our heroes are in peril somebody (usually Gandalf) appears out of nowhere to save the day. Geez I'm beginning to find this tiresome. Its classic Deus ex machina, and if these devices are...
  2. Norm De Guerre

    FTA-TV The Wire

    Omar's coming.
  3. Norm De Guerre

    Radio The SEN Thread 5

    Its an easy mistake to make, as she did a pretty convincing Aussie accent in the movie Holy Smoke, surely enough for her to be considered one of us.:eek:
  4. Norm De Guerre

    Movie Inglourious Basterds

    Re: Inglorious Bastards Its actually Inglorious Basterds. Dunno why Tarantino chose to spell it that way, but that's its official title. Oh...and the script can be found pretty easily on-line, if anybody really wants to know what its all about.
  5. Norm De Guerre


    Re: the Russell Crowe film it was to based on the John Hepworth book "The long green shore" he was to star, direct and produce after he made A Beautiful mind, not sure of its status now, but would appear to be in "deveolpment hell".