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  1. Norm De Guerre

    Opinion Western Bulldog Erotic Fiction (Why Not?)

    ...It was Shiggsy coming hard from behind and looking to get on the end of Toyds hard work and penetrate deep. The sight of the oiled up and glistening adonis blonde hair flowing behind, gearnsey torn to the waist, drew a questioning quiver to Toyds lips and a fatal lapse in concentration to his...
  2. Norm De Guerre

    What are you listening to?

    These guys...always.
  3. Norm De Guerre

    this is my 4th year

    Start up the marching band, have a parade, shoot off lots of fireworks. Then get over yourself.
  4. Norm De Guerre

    Prisonbreak and Robbie Williams

    Ive downloaded (you gotta love the net) and watched all 11 episodes of the new series and it gets stupider and stupider each week, with plot holes you could run the whole list of the Bulldogs through. having said that I still find it strangely compelling in all its absurdity. anyway if your...