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  1. DaveyBoy123

    League Cup League Cup 2022/23 (Winners: Manchester United)

    Who needs shots in the box?
  2. DaveyBoy123

    Win Prizes 2021/22 Bigfooty Premier League Tipping Competition

    If I remember each week... & half week (during COVID catch-ups)... & every 3rd week during international breaks, then there's a little bit of fluff on my sideburns that says:
  3. DaveyBoy123

    EPL Matchday 25

    Really!? This from the BBC commentator: "Timo Werner and N'Golo Kante lucky to still be on the pitch". " VAR Stuart Attwell is having a shocker".
  4. DaveyBoy123

    EPL Matchday 25

    To state the obvious - and what everyone has known for quite some time: VAR is a joke!
  5. DaveyBoy123

    Games FPL Season 2020/21

    Good Lord... Well done mate. I thought I was going well in the top 500,000 (although up from about 4 millionth 4 weeks ago!). The one thing I've done differently this season is make my transfers very early in the week. It's risky with injuries & suspensions (EG: I transferred out Soucek this...
  6. DaveyBoy123

    Games FPL Season 2020/21

    I don't trust anyone else with the captaincy, so I'm captaining myself. Ummm, no, make that Me(e).
  7. DaveyBoy123

    2020/21 Championship, Lower, Non-League & EFL Trophy

    Stop worrying about Doncaster, Lincoln and anyone else SM... Just get on the phone to your mob and ensure you keep Pompey out of the automatic promotion spots.
  8. DaveyBoy123

    EPL Matchday 12

    Yeah, the strange/weird/interesting thing with the Saints is that Ralph has stated in the past that he specifically wants a thin squad where there's basically only 1 senior challenger to each position. He prefers to have the juniors as the next in line after that. It probably hasn't helped that...
  9. DaveyBoy123

    EPL Matchday 8

    Just came in to see if there were any other Southampton supporters here. Found ONE! Only issue with this good form is now Man Ure are contemplating both an ex Saints manager & the current Saints manager!
  10. DaveyBoy123

    EPL Matchday 35

    Oy. The last thing you should be doing is knocking the Saints. You lot wouldn't be where you are today without us doing your scouting for you!
  11. DaveyBoy123

    Transfer discussion thread

    A lot nicer than I would have put it had I been in charge of this Twitter account:
  12. DaveyBoy123

    EPL Matchday 10

    Hear hear mate. Basically been playing 5 DEFs & 3 defensive midfielders... AT HOME!
  13. DaveyBoy123

    The Relegation Battle 2018/19

    It was rather strange last night... There was a goal-kick and all of a sudden Ings just limped off. It happened out of nowhere in the 27th minute and not much follow-up really occurred. As the EPL writers like to do, it was classified as a "knock". Austin is indeed good in bursts and will...
  14. DaveyBoy123

    Win Prizes 2018/19 Bigfooty Premier League Tipping Competition

    For some reason I picked a few 2-1 results this week. I know that that's not a score that comes up too often, but left them. Oh well, might be heading down a few spots this week.
  15. DaveyBoy123

    The Relegation Battle 2018/19

    If Ings' injury is bad, I'm genuinely worried about our goal-scoring options moving forward. Teams will soon clamp down on Redmond & JWP. The new manager was outspoken in wanting a smaller squad than he inherited. Most of the current players we have out on loan are strikers/goal-scorers (Gabbi...
  16. DaveyBoy123

    Win Prizes 2018/19 Bigfooty Premier League Tipping Competition

    In... Probably to come 2nd to Sozabarus for the 3rd year running!
  17. DaveyBoy123

    SkyBet Championship 2017/18

    Yeah, but will that include Mitrovic & Targett, who aren't technically theirs... & played a huge part in their climb up the table.
  18. DaveyBoy123

    UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    Just in case no-one has else said it, I popped in here to say that 3 of the 4 goals were scored by ex-Southampton players. Why can't all you rich teams develop your own!?
  19. DaveyBoy123

    Matchday 1

    Huddersfield are top of the Premier League!