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  1. Norm De Guerre

    Autopsy AFL 2023 Round 5 Gather Round - Tigers v Swans Fri April 14th 8:10pm AEST (AO)

    This game feels like a Covid game when there was nobody at the ground. Dunno if its the broadcasters or a consequence of having lots of theatre goers at the ground.
  2. Norm De Guerre

    AFL Grand Final AFL 2021 GRAND FINAL - Demons v Dogs Sat September 25th 7:15pm EST / 5:15pm WST (Optus) Congratulations Demons! 🍾🏆 Match Highlights in OP

    I don't think either side is going anywhere. There'll be other big days at the G for them to battle it out.
  3. Norm De Guerre

    Autopsy AFL 2021 ROUND 19 - Demons v Dogs Sat July 24th 7:25pm EST (MCG)

    I understand that you aren't playing with the full deck, for which I am truly sorry. However, it was 28 points last time not 40. I'll tell you what last night actually showed. 7 weeks is a longtime in football and Melbournes forward line is of no threat to the other contending sides. Let alone...
  4. Norm De Guerre

    Autopsy AFL 2021 ROUND 19 - Demons v Dogs Sat July 24th 7:25pm EST (MCG)

    Geez, you're not asking for much. Not only do want perfect weather, Clown Brown to kick straight, but you also want the umpires not to favour the dogs? You're probably better asking for a night in the sack with Margot Robbie. That at least would be somewhat achievable.
  5. Norm De Guerre

    Autopsy AFL 2021 Round 10 - Dogs v Saints Sat May 22nd 7:25pm EST (Marvel)

    Put it away. Your schtick is showing.
  6. Norm De Guerre

    Autopsy AFL 2021 Round 2 - Dogs v Eagles Sun March 28th 3:20pm AEDT (Marvel) Podcast Link in OP!

    Yeah...but, its not the numbers that count its where the frees are paid!!!!!
  7. Norm De Guerre

    Autopsy Richmond v Carlton, AFL Rd 1 2020 - Thursday 19 March 2020 - 7:25 PM (AEST) - Teams announced

    At least we wont have to listen to Carlton fans boo their team off the ground at the end of the game.
  8. Norm De Guerre

    Game Day Essendon v Western Bulldogs, Round 21 - 19:25 AEST, Aug 10, 2019.

    Good thread. Will read again.
  9. Norm De Guerre

    AFL 2017 First Semi Final, GWS Giants v West Coast Eagles 19:25 AEST : Spotless Stadium

    The huge and vocal home crowd is obviously having an influence on the umpiring.
  10. Norm De Guerre

    North v Dogs, Easter Friday - Rd 4, 2017

    Because he saw that his teammate had an opponent right next to him and he wanted to reset for another stoppage where you could use your obvious ruck dominance with a boundary throw in.
  11. Norm De Guerre

    West Coast v Western Bulldogs - Elim Final 2016 - Subiaco, Thu @ 6.10pm

    Bringing 5 quality players in probably had more bearing on the result than last weeks training run.
  12. Norm De Guerre

    Bulldogs v Collingwood - Rd 21, 2016

    Exhibit 'A.'
  13. Norm De Guerre

    Dogs v Roos - etihad - Rd 20, 2016

    Unlike Mr Rigid. Brad Scott.
  14. Norm De Guerre

    Geelong v Western Bulldogs - Rd 19, 2016 - Simonds, Fri @ 7:50

    Not me. I love watching the Roo.
  15. Norm De Guerre

    Adelaide v North Melbourne - Rd 14 2016 - 7:20 ACST @ Adelaide Oval

    ...but...but, 2 x 6 day breaks. #aflfixtureconspiracy
  16. Norm De Guerre

    Melbourne v Brisbane Lions - Rd 9, 2016