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  1. Norm De Guerre

    2015 Draft, Trades and Free Agency rumours.

    Apparently not.
  2. Norm De Guerre

    Dogs look to move up if Demons get compo pick 3

    Nope! Can't see us giving up what appear to be sure things for the lottery of the draft. No matter how enticing McCartin and Wright appear. There'll still be quality talls to be had at 6 if in we miss out on the aforementioned players.
  3. Norm De Guerre

    Dogs look to move up if Demons get compo pick 3

    You're welcome to McCrae, we'll hang on to Macrae. Do we still get pick 3?
  4. Norm De Guerre

    Jesse White - Pies Bound?

    Only those "reports" emanating directly from his managers office. As for Whites value compared to that of Dawes the previous year the Mark Neeld's of the trading world only come around every so often. Collingwood got lucky, Melbourne didn't, Sydney wont.
  5. Norm De Guerre

    WB should have thrown the house in to get Kosi.

    Its a little know fact that we did throw the house at kosi during the off-season. Unfortunately for Kosi our chief negotiator was Gia, and once again he didn't see it coming. Its little wonder he's such a spud when you look at the boots he wears. Hope he's feeling better nowadays.
  6. Norm De Guerre

    Koby Stevens.

    This thread may well turn out to be the most epic thing to come out of Kobe's career thus far! You know a thread has run its race when you spend the last few pages talking about another player entirely. Oh...yeah. 51 It'll be.
  7. Norm De Guerre

    Koby Stevens.

    Blame city Hall and its ridiculously lengthy Draft/trading weeks, or is it months, I've completely lost track of time. I guess that they are making a nice earn garnering hits and selling ads on the truly lame 'draft radio'. He's one of a very few names being thrown about, and like dogs at a...
  8. Norm De Guerre

    Trade Week: The Rumour Mill Continues

    ...thinking desperate management.
  9. Norm De Guerre

    B.Lake for C.Young plus 4th/5th rounder

    You've been punched a lot from infront....Right?
  10. Norm De Guerre

    Tuck is could be a dog

    I suspect (hope) that its a piss take on the thread title.
  11. Norm De Guerre

    Sam Powers to Essendon for pick 26

    Interesting theory, didn't seem to work to well the first time around. Third time lucky, perhaps? A troll even norf supporters, would struggle to match.
  12. Norm De Guerre

    Tom Lee

    For better or worse, he sounds like a prototypical Scott Clayton smokey.
  13. Norm De Guerre

    Walker is Carltons trade bait

    Look for hordes of Carlton supporters to begin talking him up around here.
  14. Norm De Guerre

    Any teams interested in Adam Mcphee??

    Does his best work (actually dominates) in the social pages of the paper, and is known to attend the opening of an envolpe.