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  1. Norm De Guerre

    Offseason illicit drug tests - now with new thread title

    Not sure any other club supporters should be casting aspersions at this stage.
  2. Norm De Guerre

    James Hird gone, presser at 3:15 today - The Age

    You Essendon fools what have you done!
  3. Norm De Guerre

    Robbo makes a bold pitch for his own thread (again)

    Thread is 10 years too late!
  4. Norm De Guerre

    Essendon players mother remains a mystery - H/S 24/6

    Seeing as this is all part of a grand anti-Essendon conspiracy. I'd suggest the Illuminati.
  5. Norm De Guerre

    Paul Little to appear tonight on Channel Seven's Footy Pre-match show

    I believe the Titanic may have already hit the iceberg. No doubt this is the fist step in Essendons inevitable capitulation to City Hall. To continue fighting their absurd rear-guard action will only prolong the pain.
  6. Norm De Guerre

    Paul Little to appear tonight on Channel Seven's Footy Pre-match show

    Hope he enjoys humble pie, cos he's going to be eating plenty of it on national TV.
  7. Norm De Guerre

    The Age - The Science of Stephen Dank

    You might want to take a stroll through the south-bank citadel of your PR flunkies and take note of the number of recently vacated desks. Things are grim all over the print industry.
  8. Norm De Guerre

    Alan Jones - "Lindy Chamberlain Revisited"

    An Essendon fan starting a thread like this reminds me of a drowning man in the middle of the ocean clutching at a toothpick as its savior.
  9. Norm De Guerre

    Hird to Sue AFL?

    Cos they only take sure things?
  10. Norm De Guerre

    The integrity of Mark Robinson, Matthew Lloyd and Spike McVeigh

    You only have to look at their circulation numbers and the number of recently vacated desks at their South bank citadel to understand where the entire orginization is at.
  11. Norm De Guerre

    Dank to play unlikely ally to Essendon against "common enemy"

    No, they're over there...splitters!!!