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  1. DaveyBoy123

    2017 MUSIC

    I'm not even that huge a fan of Springsteen, The National, etc... And 60+ minute albums usually annoy me... But this Gang of Youths LP... Wow, just wow.
  2. DaveyBoy123

    B-Sides Rate a band- Rise against

    On first listen, they are fairly good. But they seem to get better with each listen... Probably because of the lyrics. I love the first line to 'Survive'. When someone asks me how I am, I now answer with "Somewhere between happy & total f*cking wreck".
  3. DaveyBoy123

    Music Download Programs

    I've always downloaded individual tracks. This could be a silly question, but with the torrents listed above, if you download a full album, are you still able to delete individual tracks when listening and/or burning...???
  4. DaveyBoy123

    Songs that are better Live than Studio Recorded

    Took the words right out of my mouth. Hearing that song live, you would think it is their best song throughout their whole career! Keeping it on Muse, I prefer some of their earlier work live as well. Tracks such as New Born, where Bellamy tends to wander all over the stage & do some good...
  5. DaveyBoy123

    Metallica's 9th studio album.

    I would have thought that following their last album, not many people could be disappointed with whatever they put out this time around.
  6. DaveyBoy123

    Rob Zombie supporting Ozzy on Aus Tour?

    The support act is already confirmed as SevenDust.
  7. DaveyBoy123

    What are you listening to now? (Part 2)

    Both albums by '30 Seconds To Mars'. Not all that good to be honest, but willing to give them another couple of listens. --------------------------------- Read 'DaveyBoy's Wrestling Menu' most Wednesday's on
  8. DaveyBoy123

    Radiohead - OK Computer

    I'm one of those people that actually believe 'The Bends' is better than OK Computer. I just feel that there is more standout tracks on there & that the accessibility factor helps as well.
  9. DaveyBoy123

    Triple J's Hottest 100

    Great to see Muse get #1. I think the fact that some people say Knight Of Cydonia is their most accessible song, yet others say it isn't accessible at all, actually says a lot about the song in a positive way. Personally, it is my favourite on their latest album & I did rate it highly in...