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  1. DaveyBoy123

    2016 Draft Rumours

    I really rate Hayward, but I'm unsure he becomes a consistent midfield line-breaker. What I like about him is his first few steps that get him out of a contest. He actually reminds me of Daniel Wells over the past 2-4 years, in that he rarely holds on to the ball for too long, but can easily...
  2. DaveyBoy123

    Draft Tampering

    Something along the lines of his dad basically telling clubs not to draft him. North were very interested, (the pick right before the bombers), so his dad lodged a formal complaint with the AFL saying they were being hounded by North. In this case, "hounded" was asking why Eliot had switched...
  3. DaveyBoy123

    NAB AFL Under 18 Championships

    Natanui simply looks lazy just because he is a freak of nature. He does some things laconically like Daniel Motlop, but his jumping & pace is amazing. Rich will clearly go top 3. Knows how to get it & knows what to do with it. Banner can get it, but his disposal is iffy, if not terrible...
  4. DaveyBoy123

    Kangaroos Draft Discussion

    Thanks for the feedback Weaver. I am interested on your thoughts about Goldstein being a future forward though. There haven't been too many successful fowards at AFL level who are 200 centimetres tall!!! In fact, I could probably count them on 1 hand. And that goes double if you mention...
  5. DaveyBoy123

    Kangaroos Draft Discussion

    On the surface, I can't say I'm ecstatic with this draft ON PAPER. It's success will be determined by the 2nd & 3rd round picks, as pick 3 was going to be good no matter who was chosen & we usually do alright with lower picks. However, 2nd rounders especially have (from memory) been wasted by...
  6. DaveyBoy123

    Which Team Got The Best Out Of The Draft?

    I'd say Essendon certainly... Although I think Davey wasn't a need seeing they got Jetta & already have Lovett & Dempsey!