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  1. DaveyBoy123

    Flashing/Animated advertisement during gameplay.

    Yep, this has been a bugbear of a group of us for the Etihad games this season. It's mostly relevant if you're sitting on level-1 as it's directly behind the players. And they're very bright too... Usually bright red or bright blue.
  2. DaveyBoy123

    Three Strikes and youre not out

    Jack Ziebell had 4 weeks off with a hard to believe explanation! :-)
  3. DaveyBoy123

    North Melbourne are in a hole

    And "at the time" Essendon were challenging for top spot. Maybe North were building towards something & realised - I know this is a novel concept - that the season is 22 matches long.
  4. DaveyBoy123

    Melbourne-based club re-signs star

    It's a kangas player... Their facebook page just said to stay tuned for some big news on the HS site.
  5. DaveyBoy123


    "Originally Posted by ANGEL DARK:It was harmless niggle but it was enough to become annoying to the point whereby it warranted a reaction. I dont know any footballer who would put up with that crap and Hall had every right to stand up to it. " See my post at the bottom of the previous page...
  6. DaveyBoy123


    As a few North supporters said, Thompson does this pretty much every other week & hardly anything is made of it. The best example was Late last year when we played Carlton, Thompson did all the same things to Fevola, which was followed by a lot of push & shove, and a Fev kiss. Seriously, it...
  7. DaveyBoy123

    How Long Until North Are Safe?

    With regards to other team's supporters purchasing North Melbourne memberships, I doubt the total figure would equate to more than lost Gold Coast memberships anyway. I believe that figure was over 1,000.
  8. DaveyBoy123

    Top Ten players with famous girlfriends/wives

    I can't recall who it is, but I remember reading that Matthew Nicks has a famous girlfriend. Anyone recall who it is...???