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    Preview Changes: R23 vs Western Bulldogs

    Good point...was wondering what 'transition phase' meant....'rebuild' possibly...but this is the player list only...hope it does mean we clean out the coaching ranks too!
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    Preview Changes: R23 vs Western Bulldogs

    Sadly I wasn't against the two rucks against Grundy. The fact that they continued to keep all the other one-paced plodders on the field probably didn't help, however.
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    Analysis List management errors

    Added Petrucelle and Jetta also....both of whom have some serious wheels. This is the sort of blueprint we need to follow. They'd been flogged by 8 goals by Hawthorn in 2015 (almost exactly the same scoreline as us in 2017), but haven't just said - "oh, our team was so close, so we'll stick to...
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    Preview Changes: R23 vs Western Bulldogs

    Quoted as playing his last game also. So we can rule him in for sure. The most interesting aspect of the last 2 games is how we managed to nullify WC to some extent by using 'keepings-off' tactics, then tried the same against Collingwood, who have a completely different game style to WC...i.e...
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    Preview Changes: R23 vs Western Bulldogs

    So we were 8 - 5 at the bye, and 2 - 7 since. Did our fitness guys to something during the break that caused us to fall away so badly after half-time? We've been smashed in the midfield by any team with a reasonable spread of grunt and pace around the ball. MEL 62 to 45 I50's, Geel 63 to 40...
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    Roast Off-season sackings

    The question is why has he waited until now, when we have effectively zero chance of making the finals at all. Everyone can see we'd fallen off the cliff 6 or 8 weeks ago with consistent second half capitulations occurring almost every week. We need a clean-out from top to bottom both off-field...
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    The Donny Pyke Farewell Tour

    Without question, Pyke's time has come (and Camporeale, Burton and co), along with a bunch of these plodders who aren't up to it. FFS an 11 goal loss at home to a half-baked opposition who've struggled against all comers in recent times. This is as bad as it gets. Thank f*ck I'm heading o/s on...
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    List Mgmt. Demons rabble overpay for poor 1v1 defender Fake Lever, Crows start the car!

    I would say this year from them has been an even bigger tanking exercise than the last one. The AFL needs to investigate in a big way.
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    Preview Changes: R22 v Collingwood

    Interesting. I advocated the two rucks for last week vs WC, primarily to drop one in the goalsquare given WC's strong marking ability down back. Given our woeful forward entries over most of this season at least it offers a 'get out of gaol card' if we have to bomb it in long. The trick is to...
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    Game Day Crows v Eagles - Lambs heading for doom [now with 100% more POLL ]

    We've done exactly that!
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    Preview Changes: R21 2019 vs West Coast

    I'd go with Sauce in for Otten. Why don't we play two rucks like WCE did in the GF. I'd bring in Jones and Gallucci for a bit of pace too, not sure who goes out...maybe Atkins and Murphy. I know we butcher the ball coming in, but with our lack of marking power up fwd, at least Sauce and ROB can...
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    Preview Changes: R21 2019 vs West Coast

    ROB's been beaten soundly two weeks running. I'd rest him this week, and see if Sauce is up to it. Most of the other changes from other posters are on the money (well should be on the money). WC have pretty much the perfect team in my view. Pace to burn on the outside, some good solid inside /...
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    News 2019 Rumour File (rumour discussion thread)

    Jenkins was dropped because he is clearly hampered by the mountain of tape on his leg. He can't run, or jump, hence we've been flogged in the centre when he's been in there. Not sure how the Fog is going to cope as our second ruck option however!
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    Preview Changes: R20 2019 v St Kilda: it's a SUSHI-PIZZA PARTY!!

    Personally, i'm not too fussed by this - Blight is pretty much on the money. I guess the rationale is that if we trade one, then the other will be p*ssed off anyway, and won't perform. Better to bundle them up and send as a package to GC, where we can trade either early picks or grab a Lukosius...
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    Autopsy R19: Adelaide v Carlton - Crows n’ da Hood: Cripps v Crudds (Grumble Responsibly)

    Yeah...I thought they'd brought in Wilson to tag Cripps but he wasn't near him most of the time. Cripps was able to push off his opponents all day, regardless of who we had on him. Greenwood would probably have been the best size match-up (CEY if he was fit), and we drop him - just mystifying...
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    Autopsy R19: Adelaide v Carlton - Crows n’ da Hood: Cripps v Crudds (Grumble Responsibly)

    Very salient points. I did note on the scoreboard at 3 qtr time (I think) that they'd had 13 hit outs to advantage to our 2 at that point. I lost count of the time they had 3 free runners off the defensive side (centre clearances and stoppages) with pretty much zero pressure on them. I...
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    Preview Changes: R19 v Carlton

    Yep, I would have thought Keath on Mackay would've been an ideal match-up for him. I just can't see who Otten will go to - if he plays back. He's not nimble enough to cover their smalls, nor big enough to got to Casboult. The only thing on our side is Kreuzer being out - this should give us an...
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    Preview Changes: R19 v Carlton

    I thought there'd be a major meltdown. Otten - FFS....sort of can understand someone being 'managed' as Curnow is out....but to actually make our side slower is beyond belief. My money is on the Blues this weekend. Conservatism to the extreme - please, for the love of God, get rid of our...
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    Mega Thread Don's Party - The future is so bright, we need some pizza and a piss-up

    Spot on. The only time we looked beyond this conservative approach was with Blight. I get that we need a structure, but it's patently obvious to all and sundry (except those that should be in the know) that the current squad cannot execute the current game plan. Last nights debacle was a carbon...
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    Mega Thread Don's Party - The future is so bright, we need some pizza and a piss-up

    Agree with the op. Pyke is either useless or just toeing the line. We need a coach who can make a tough call. Eddie and Tex are done at a minimum. One question, how in f*cks name can we consistently lose games by missing easy goals, and allowing the opposition back in, as we've not killed them...

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