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  1. The Hobo

    Viney hit on Boak

    I'm surprised this didn't even get a fine. For me, he's not making a tackle - he's making Boak earn it and has just whacked him in the lower back/kidney area. Given it ultimately resulted in Boak being substituted, it deserved more scrutiny. Yes, in our day this would be nothing, but with all...
  2. Ford Fairlane

    News New Contracts - Boak, Mead, DBJ

    PORT ADELAIDE midfielder Travis Boak has extended his tenure with the club into a 17th season after agreeing to terms on a one-year contract extension – one of three players to recommit to the club this week. As well as Boak, promising midfielder Jackson Mead and experienced defender Darcy...
  3. Ford Fairlane

    Toast Travis Boak 100 games

    At Adelaide Oval. It's fitting the heart and soul of the Power is our first player to play 100 AFL games at Adelaide Oval. Congratulations to the champ on yet another milestone.
  4. shewho

    Autopsy Is The Boak-Gray Era Destined For Failure?

    If you get more than 1000 games from a single draft, it is the start of an era. So it was at Port at the 2006 AFL Draft- Boak (306), Westhoff (280), Gray (255), Stewart (101), Rodan (120), Krakouer (82), Williams (2). But it looks like, for all of those games there will be exactly zero...
  5. Papa G

    Travis Boak - Over rated by our supporters?

    I've held onto this for years. I've never actually said it out loud. But I've never really rated Travis Boak that highly. Yeah he's a great guy, yeah he's a good footballer, yeah he's highly professional, he's loyal but he's just not any where close to a super star. He's too fumbly, his...
  6. Young Gun #6

    Boak v Dangerfield

  7. The Rocks

    Sloane v Boak

    Travis Boak playing game 300, well done! So this question begins. Who of these club Champions and long term captain's. Has been the better player for their club? Travis Boak or Rory Sloane? Boak a 3 time AA, duel John Cahill medilist and 3 time showdown medilist. Sloane a duel Malcolm Blight...
  8. Kingfish73

    Preview Port V Collingwood (Boak's 300th) is for Port to maintain its top 4 position on the ladder, one must take the moment to reflect on the brilliant career to date for Travis Boak, celebrating his milestone 300th game. I for one was too quick to write him off when our illustrious head coach decided to play him as a primary...
  9. HotSausage69

    Can we give Travis Boak some love?

    ...Neale, Shuey etc over the years and also shown great loyalty after the infamous Geelong invasion of 2012. He is an absolute weapon, think he will deserve to be known as one of the greats of our football club, and in turn the AFL when we win the premiership this year. All hail Sir Travis Boak
  10. Ford Fairlane

    News Boak signs two year contract extension

    PORT ADELAIDE midfielder Travis Boak has extended his tenure with the club after agreeing to terms on a two-year contract extension. Boak is the club’s reigning John Cahill Medallist after a 2019 season in which he played 21 games and averaged 30 disposals and seven clearances. The 31-year-old...
  11. Ford Fairlane

    Toast Congratulations Travis Boak 2019 John Cahill Medallist

    The rejuvenated spiritual leader of Port Adelaide. A couple of fabulous quotes from Boaky's press conference that demonstrate his professionalism and should serve as life lessons for all footballers young and old.
  12. HotSausage69

    Do it for Boak

    We have to win a prenowrsnip für Herr Travis boak. He has tried his guts aus für jahres now and it's time other players started looking at seinen conditioning and preparation as the standard expected and get this dude a reward in the Form of a PREMIERSHIP MEDAL fur seinen hard Werk over the last...
  13. Bernie L

    Congratulations Travis Boak. 250 uneventful, uninspiring, bland vanilla games.

    Way to go Twav :thumbsu:
  14. Smithy7

    Toast Travis Boak will play his 250th Game this Weekend

    His early days with Port Adelaide 250 games later ... We wish you all the best for your 250 Travis Have a good one ...:D:p
  15. Young Gun #6

    Travis Boak

    ...see a player come into a season (who looks done) and is turning 31 during the year have what’s tracking to be the best season of their career. Boak was an elite mid 5 years ago and looked like he was all but done the last two years playing as a permanent half forward flanker. Hinkley bit...
  16. Dav

    Toast The Renaissance of Travis Boak

    It's been an up and down season but one constant has been the great form of Travis Boak. In the first 4 rounds, he's averaged 34 disposals, 6 marks, 6 tackles, 6 inside 50s and 500 metres gained. He's once again become our most important and most damaging midfielder and if he keep up this form...
  17. malcheski

    News Boak Steps Down

    Boak has relinquished the captaincy. TRAVIS BOAK will step aside as AFL Captain of the Port Adelaide Football Club after six seasons in the role. Boak, 30, is the club’s most capped AFL skipper with 137 games as...
  18. Boak


  19. Bogart

    current rnd Why is Boak and Gray wearing 2 Black armbands today in the NM v Power game?

    Does anyone know why Travis Boak and Robby Gray are wearing two black armbands in today’s game? I know one is for Todd Marshall’s father. May he RIP. My condolences to Todd.
  20. Kingfish73

    Analysis Boak v Cotchin

    Boak to me was always ahead of Cotchin. What happened? Cotchin year has been unbelievable. So much credit to him and Hardwick. I always saw Cotchin well below Boak. Not now. Boak 2018 where will he fall? Is he just cliches towing coach message or a serious game changer? Have my doubts...