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  1. P

    Recommitted Harrison Petty [OOC 2025]

    Sounds like Petty could be considering a move home to Adelaide?
  2. S

    Harrison Room access for kids

    Hi guys, just wondering if kids are allowed into the Harrison room pregame? Want to bring my nephew but want to check if they can get in.
  3. The Nostradamus

    Recommitted Harrison Jones [signs 1 year deal]

    The 22 year old key forward has had a slow start to the year and dropped for Weideman today he is out of contract at years end. Is a dons supporter not that it means much but one I imagine clubs who don’t have a decent second KPF would target
  4. Slats

    Not-a-cluey Dayne Zorko sledges Harrison Petty's family

    According to Alan Richardson, Zorko verbally sledged a Petty family member and it crossed a line. You could see the Melbourne players were still upset with Zorko after the siren. At least if you ever feel bad about your team, just be glad that Dayne Zorko isn't your captain.
  5. TradeDraft

    Player Watch Harvey Harrison

  6. Lore

    Club Focus Collingwood 2021 - Kreuger, Lipinski, Daicos, Murley, Harrison

    Data from footywire. To check the draft order (updated weekly) see the thread here. Footywire says: "While we make every effort to keep up to date with player contracts, it is likely that our data may at times be out of date, incomplete or inaccurate. If you find any player contracts that...
  7. philthy05

    Recommitted Harrison Petty [re-signed until 2022]

    SA lad yet to sign for Melbourne. I haven’t heard any whispers whether he is staying or looking to move. I think I read that melb we’re going to try and move him up forward this year? I’m unsure where he fits in that team with the talls they have and seem to prefer. Frost leaving has probably...
  8. MrPremiership

    Player Watch Welcome to Hawthorn - Harrison Pepper

    Pre-selected as a Category B rookie as part of our NGA Welcome
  9. eDPS

    AFL Player #23: Harrison Jones

    ...developing player who can play in a range of positions because of his height and leap and has shown great dedication to any role he plays.” HARRISON Jones emerged as a potential top 30 prospect after a promising showing at the AFL Under-18 National Championships playing as a key forward and...
  10. Dixie Flatline

    Review 40 - Harrison Jones (2019)

    Harrison Jones Games: 0 Goals: 0 Yabby Medal votes: 0 Summary Not to be confused with the 2019 draft prospect of the same name, Jones spent his second season with Box Hill this season, learning the finer parts of playing AFL football under the watchful eye of Max Bailey and Hawthorn's...
  11. Jeremias

    Past Katie Harrison

    Welcome to Carlton, Katie! Listed as 177cm tall.
  12. Dixie Flatline

    Review 40 - Harrison Jones (2018)

    Harrison Jones Games: 0 Goals: 0 Yabby Medal votes: 0 Jones was a rookie draft selection for Hawthorn prior to the season starting. He comes to the club as a medium midfielder who likes to get his hands dirty in the centre. He excelled in the jumps test at the draft combine, finishing fourth...
  13. Cleric

    Recommitted Harrison Himmelberg [re-signed]

    Looks like Adelaide are going to go after Harrison again this year. Even Fox talking about it. What would he cost?
  14. Shell

    Sports GREYS: Gerard, Harrison, Cary

    Name will change week to week. Nominate your own name, or a name which will be very hard to find famous people for. HONOUR ROLL CALL: - Tom - Michelle - Alexander - Adam - Rachel - Katie - Mark - David - Craig - Jessica - Bruce - Nick - Paul - Dennis - Michael - Matthew - Elizabeth - James -...
  15. Zuma

    George Harrison live guitar playing thread

    With his distinct shuffle played a mean slide nice and bluesy during his concerts in Japan. Enjoy if you haven’t come across these: Don’t believe he used open tuning on this cloud 9 performance: More slide on cheer down the song he and petty wrote for LW2 at the request of Lenny warnaker...
  16. eth-dog

    VFL Past #64 Joe Harrison

    Height: 187 cm Weight: 87 kg DOB: 03/11/1998 Position: Midfielder Recruited from: Monash Blues Harrison is a winger from the VAFA who impressed with his skills and speed last season.
  17. Dixie Flatline

    Welcome Welcome to Hawthorn Harrison Jones - pick 7, 2017 rookie draft

    Welcome to the Hawks, Harrison. Hope your career is long and prosperous.
  18. LynchysMob

    Toast Welcome to the SUNS Harrison Wigg

    May your left boot hit Lynch's chest many a time. Sent from my MHA-L09 using Tapatalk