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  1. worbod

    Fact Laurie Nash's football career

    Today is 35 years since Laurie Nash died. Recently I borrowed from a library the Laurie Nash biography from 1998 “The Great Laurie Nash” by Ned Wallish. In reading through Nash’s football journey I became interested in all the other football he played outside the VFL with South Melbourne. The...
  2. TheCount

    Player Watch #16 - Bailey Laurie - Pick 22

    Image to come ... but chat away
  3. Lore

    Club Focus Melbourne 2020 - Brown, Bowey, Laurie, Rosman

    This is a Dees-specific version of the player contracts & statistics spreadsheet pinned to the top of this forum. It summarises your players' contract situations, experience, ages and heights. The data is from footywire, and the spreadsheet will update itself when footywire is updated. It may...
  4. kangafruity

    Laurie "Twinkletoes" Dwyer has passed away. VALE to a legendary Shinboner.

    Havent been able to find a post about this as yet and if there is one please delete. Laurie Dwyer the original Twinkletoes has sadly passed away in the last few days. What a sad month it has been for the Shinboners
  5. DaVillaBlues

    RIP Penny Bailey, daughter of club great Laurie Kerr soon after Phil Walsh and Cooper Ratten, its another awful black mark in the most sad and depressing year of football I can recall. Laurie's wife and Penny's mother Viv is still the number 1 ticket holder of Carlton,and my heart aches for her and other members of the Kerr family. Never...
  6. koshari

    Laurie Dwyer on coodabeens this morning

    nice interview with North champion Laurie "twinkletoes" Dwyer on the coodabeens this morning, funny story of a grandfinal he played in being abandoned. sounded like a pretty humble bloke, still following the kangas. mentioned which team would turn up today?
  7. JackFlash

    Vale Laurie Hill 1942-2014

    Vale Laurie Hill 1942-2014 A great Collingwood player with 114 games 1962-69 Victorian Representative 1964-65 Preston Premiership player 1969 Dual JJ Liston Trophy winner 1969-1971
  8. Miguel Sanchez

    Past player - Laurie Bellotti (1998 - 2000)

    Laurie Bellotti DOB: 28/2/1976 Height: 194cm Weight: 91 kg Playing number: 45 Arrived: Drafted at pick 43 in the 1998 rookie draft, from Claremont Debut: Round 3, 1999 vs Collingwood – 119th Eagles player. Games: 24 Goals: 2 Won: West Coast Rookie of the Year in 1999...
  9. Miguel Sanchez

    Past player - Laurie Keene (1987 - 1992)

    Laurie Keene DOB: 1/2/1961 Height: 202cm Weight: 95 kg Playing number: 25 Arrived: As a foundation selection in 1987, from Subiaco Debut: Round 1, 1987 vs Richmond – 9th Eagles player Games: 36 Goals: 38 Departed: Retired due to injury during the 1992...
  10. Beloved

    Toast Northern Bullants Best and Fairest (Laurie Hill Trophy) results

    Hopefully the mods don't mind me putting this thread here. Brock McLean was the winner, finished ahead of Adam Iacobucci, Jarrod McCorkell, Kane Lucas and Joe Dare. Best Clubman went to Andrew Gianfagna, who is a sensational person and talented footballer. Ahmed Saad, who impressed during the...
  11. Grimreepah

    Past Laurie Serafini (1977-1985)

  12. ghostdog

    Laurie Serafini retires. FWIW as well, I've always admired you lot for your dedication and thought it interesting that there's no South Melbourne board. Anyway, Laurie Serafini retired from the Brisbane board today. I'm not old enough to remember the guy, but he's one of your old RoyBoys...
  13. kangaroo7

    Vale Laurie Icke

    Just noticed in the paper almost by accident that tough 50s player Laurie Icke passed away a few days ago. He was 82. Icke was part of a North defence regarded as the toughest in the league in the early 1950s. he played alongside the likes of McCorkell, Kelly and Jarrard. Renowned for his mad...
  14. Caesar

    Why is Laurie Oakes Treated Like a God?

    Is it just because he's been around since the dawn of time? I know he's got a lot of contacts in Canberra, and as a result he snags a few exclusives. But his opinions bore me to death. Really, most senior political correspondents have more interesting opinions IMO. I haven't read his stuff...
  15. maroon and blue

    Laurie Serafini, Fitzroy Director on the board of the Brisbane Lions.

    Seems to be a disconnect between the Victorian members and the club. Laurie is our representative on the board, am confused why Mr Little and Mr Atherton seem to be our spokesperson. Does anyone know why communication seems disjointed?
  16. blue gunslinger

    D Ellard rewarded with Laurie Hill trophy

    ELLARD REWARDED WITH LAURIE HILL TROPHY Carlton Rookie-listed player David Ellard has capped off a stellar season by being rewarded the Northern Bullants Laurie Hill Trophy winner as the club's fairest and best player. The award is great credit for the young on-baller who had earlier in the...
  17. Fossie 32

    First goalkicker in R22 Laurie Sandilands Cup v Pies

    As Sandi was #9 it has to be a Lindsey special Leader Board: 6 points: A Petraglia 4 points: Max469 3 points: DoggyMania, Aqua, 1 Point: Dogwatch, firstdogonthemoon, M a t t., Dogs_r_barking Chef, Flamethrower, Bobmurphy2 Shallow and Spectre Sween54 Statsfanatic 0.5
  18. Dont be a lemon

    Sydney seat Reid to be axed in redistribution, Laurie Ferguson's career finished?

    Antony Green's blog post is also interesting
  19. Paul Kersey

    Dane Laurie

    Couple of brain fades today but enjoy watching him play (especially coming off the Parra game last week with Fui Fui Moi Moi). Was hoping he would have a few runs at Sika Manu or Jeff Lima. Good game too, some dodgy ref calls for both sides, but a win is a win.
  20. Ford Fairlane

    Jesse Laurie (Past Players - Rookie)

    #46 Jesse Laurie Height: 184 Weight: 90 Date of Birth: 21st September 1990 Nickname: Twitter Position: Defender SANFL Club: Recruited From: Claremont Career Games: 0 Career Goals: 0 More info on Jesse Laurie Blair Hartley said: “Powerfully built and...