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  1. Dexter6

    Recommitted Adam Tomlinson [OOC 2024] - reportedly completed a medical with the Bulldogs

    There's been some reports of Adam Tomlinson being on the outer after falling down the pecking order behind Petty, and now Mark Stevens (who is usually on the money when it comes to the Dogs) saying he's completed a medical at the Dogs. Still has 2 years to run on a deal, but you'd think...
  2. TheCount

    The AXE vs Adelaide - IN: Bennell, Tomlinson, AVB, ANB. OUT: Hannan, TMac, OMac, Pickett.

    Could legit be about 15 players ... but sadly won't.
  3. FootyGuy13

    Player Watch #20: Adam Tomlinson – The Best Adam In MFC History You know, he's played the 5th most games for GWS including playing every game this year...still consistently forgot we was there and kept mistaking him for Adam Treloar back in the day.
  4. Jeremias

    Free Agency Adam Tomlinson [Signs for Melbourne, GWS receive #40 as compensation]

    Key position player who has elite endurance and can play either end is rare What makes him extra appealing is that he is a free agent. Victorian boy who could come home, he’s one who I think GWS would be willing to let go to keep others
  5. Colonial

    Adam Tomlinson. The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

    Happy Birthday Big Guy!!! Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  6. Ichabod Noodle

    Recommitted Adam Tomlinson

    Too soon?
  7. JG22

    Recommitted Adam Tomlinson

    Coupla Victorian clubs reportedly interested, most would be. Cue the Giants fans sooking with their array of highly talented players being speculated about.
  8. Drummond

    Toast Adam Tomlinson

    Hey guys. Really wanted to give some kudos to Tomlinson who to me made a super consistent start to the year. There was a bit of speculation (what’s new?) around his future middle of last year but since cementing his spot in the side I think he’s gone from strength to strength. He was fantastic...
  9. Bogan Juniors

    List Mgmt. The future of McCarthy, & Tomlinson (opposition supporters welcome but tread carefully)

    With McCarthy looking to go To Freo and lots of interest in Tomlinson. What happens next year. I think both will be on the trade table if they are still seeking a move, given the number of players that will be out of contract in 16 & 17 that will want to stay plus the need to decrease our cap...
  10. Chaisa

    Recommitted Adam Tomlinson Will be interesting to see what it will take to get him. Might it mean that GWS will get #1?
  11. Super Hans

    Recommitted Adam Tomlinson

    Apparently wants out, what are you giving up? He'd be worth around pick 13-18 I reckon but GWS probably want a player. He is contracted.
  12. inamedthegiants


    To all fans of other teams, Adam Tomlinson is not on the outer. He did not play this year due to injury. He is contracted. He is not going to be steak knives or is wanting to be traded away. Please stop fapping yourselves over the "possibility" of him leaving. Thank you and have a nice day.
  13. Ichabod Noodle

    Tomlinson, WHE, or someone else.

    I know Tomlinson is quick for his size but surely WHE would have been a better choice for the Grand Final Sprint. Or someone else perhaps?
  14. H

    Rumour Busted Adam Tomlinson to Richmond

    ...a free agent Richmond will likely have to give up a first rounder or 2nd rounder and a player. Would get games at Richmond in my opinion, good swing man but i think a third tall forward option would b best suited. Really settle the forward line of Jack, Tyrone and Tomlinson for the next 5 years
  15. cleveland

    Opinion Cameron, Patton, Boyd or Tomlinson -we must get one

    The time has come that we have to get a deal for one of these guns done. In your opinion what will it take? Cameron is out of contract so if he choose us we could bend gws over slightly but is a lot harder with Patton as he is in contract.
  16. thecatattack

    Doncaster sings One Directions Louis Tomlinson

    Is this the real life?
  17. R

    BFES Round 17 Nominee - Adam Tomlinson

    ...McKenzie (North Melbourne v Carlton) 7th game, 5th in 2013, 3rd 2013 nomination 10 disposals, 2 clearances, 1 goal, 1 goal assist Adam Tomlinson (GWS v Essendon) 20th game, 11th in 2013, 2nd 2013 nomination 23 disposals, 9 marks, 1 goal, 2 goal assists Nick O'Brien (Essendon v GWS) 4th...
  18. captainMyCaptain

    Toast Congrats Adam Tomlinson Round 17 Rising Star Nom

    Great game on the weekend for Tomlinson and very well deserved nomination
  19. captainMyCaptain

    Traded #20 Adam Tomlinson

    Adam Tomlinson Height: 193cm Weight: 92kg D/O/B: 10/8/1993 Position: Forward