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  1. The Old Dark Navy's

    Rookie 38. Sam Durdin Carlton Sam Club/Recruited from: Glenelg Position: Key defender Height: 199cm Weight: 98kg DOB: 6 June 1996 CARLTON has acquired Sam Durdin with pick No.13 in the 2022 NAB AFL Mid-Season Rookie Draft. A key defender from South Australia, Durdin initially spent six seasons on North...
  2. Aphrodite

    Senior 19. Corey Durdin

    Welcome Corey
  3. Jeremias

    Club Focus Carlton 2020 - Williams, Fogarty, Saad, Durdin, Carroll

    OK, time for Carlton's club focus thread. See below for a summary of Carlton's player contract situations, as well as information about experience, ages and heights. The data has been taken from FootyWire, and the spreadsheet will update itself when FootyWire is updated. It may contain some...
  4. Morganashlee

    Sam Durdin suffers from not being very good at football

    Unlucky. Have a week off for not winning a Brownlow.
  5. Chaisa

    Durdin bump on Rohan

    Thoughts? Sounds like Durdin will be in trouble. Very unlucky IMO, there's definitely going to be a lengthy tribunal sitting.
  6. J

    MRP / Trib. Franklin hit on Durdin

    It was hard to tell from the top row but it looked like Sammy was a bit groggy when he took that shot on goal. What if he has delayed concussion after being hit in the head (sacrosanct) by Buddy? We saw what happened to Waite and Lynch played this week without drama. I don't know what to...
  7. Cleric

    Finals or Sam Durdin?

    What would you prefer, a short finals series from 8th or be able to get Durdin in the draft?
  8. lunacy

    Jake Lever vs Sam Durdin vs Caleb Marchbank

    How to they rank compared to each? What are the differences between them? Who is better now? Who has the higher ceiling?
  9. S

    Draft Profile Sam Durdin

    Sam Durdin - KPF, KPD, 2nd Ruck 197cm, 87kg 6/6/96 West Adelaide/South Australia Knightmare's Profile: Skippos's Profile: Jourdan Canil's Profile: Paige's Profile: Gee Dub's Profile: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Media: Durdin set to return in Foxtel Cup Durdin set to be first South...