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  1. Progressive Aggresion

    Strategy Lycett and/or Finlayson to spare a few minutes in the defence?

    We missed the window (At least this year) with Ratugolea, an addition which I personally think was essential for our chances next year. We lack a crucial amount of height to utilize for 1v1 contests in the defence, and a lack of consistency from our current stocks means that some taller players...
  2. Colonial

    Go Fund Me for Kellie and Jeremy Finlayson Some sad news that Jeremy Finlaysons partner Kellie has colorectal cancer. A go fundme has been set up.
  3. Rigs

    Player Watch Jeremy Finlayson

  4. Elmer_Judd

    Traded Jeremy Finlayson [traded to Port Adelaide for a future 3rd]

    That's strange. Don't see Port really needing him tbh Probably frees up more cap space for GWS I suppose. Port's 2nd round pick seems about right
  5. Taylor

    Club Focus Port Adelaide 2021 - Skinner, Finlayson, Sinn, Jackson, Visentini, Burgoyne
    Threadmarks: Port Adelaide club focus thread

    Data from footywire. To check the draft order see the thread here. Footywire says: "While we make every effort to keep up to date with player contracts, it is likely that our data may at times be out of date, incomplete or inaccurate. If you find any player contracts that need updating...
  6. The Nostradamus

    Recommitted Jeremy Finlayson [Signed until 2023]

    the second Jeremy also out of contract for the giants at years end Turned into a very good third tall forward, what is his worth? has the versatility to go back if needed also but seems to have found his niche up front
  7. Get Smart 86

    Jeremy Finlayson

    'Greater Western Sydney defender Jeremy Finlayson will explore trade options this off-season, according to Finlayson signed a two-year extension with the Giants earlier this year, but the club is seeking to avoid a looming salary cap squeeze. "Jeremy was told in his exit...
  8. Heaps of fun

    Recommitted Jeremy Finlayson

    Giants squeezing out recently signed tall.
  9. Isaac Cumming No 1

    Recommitted Jeremy Finlayson [re-signed] Contract expires at the end of 2018. An academy product, the Giants Academy provided a 2 year scholarship at 16 and then listed at pick 85 from the...
  10. Madness101

    Elliot Yeo tackle on Shields & Darlings contact on Jeremy Finlayson

    Yeo's tackle is at 2.47 Darlings contact starts at 5.05 Thoughts ? ( I didn't make this purely because we play West Coast next week)
  11. Snookers

    Recommitted Jeremy Finlayson

    Have at it. Stevo's started it. Personally I think he stays.
  12. captainMyCaptain

    Toast Pick 85 : Jeremy Finlayson Welcome Aboard

    Selection No.85 – Jeremy Finlayson (Hills Eagles/GWS Academy) Stephen Silvagni says: "He's a bit of a developing tall who is known as a forward but will play back at times. Will probably take a little while but he's a nice kick. To get the two academy boys was fantastic."
  13. captainMyCaptain

    Traded #31 (prev #47) Jeremy Finlayson (Pick 85, 2014 National Draft)

    Jeremy Finlayson Height: 195cm Weight: 82kg D/O/B: 2/9/1996 Position: KPP[tt_news]=2707&tx_ttnews[backPid]=4&cHash=c7899c3205...
  14. Chris25

    Draft Profile Jeremy Finlayson - 2014 Draft Prospect

    Jeremy Finlayson Height: 195cm Weight: 84kg From: Sydney Hills Eagles, NSW/ACT, GWS Position: Forward, Defender There has been a whole heap of talk about the NSW Academies as of late, particularly when it comes to Sydney. And all the focus is on Isaac Heeney, but there are two players who are...