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  1. Steve Coniglio - 2nd.png

    Steve Coniglio - 2nd.png

  2. Lingsface

    Coniglio hats off

    Coniglio had an amazing start to his career must of been a top 5 Brownlow finisher at one point and then dropped away, had a lot of criticism and a couple of lean years. This year has been underrated in the AFL 6th in total possesions and 3rd in score involvements. Hats off to Coniglio great to...
  3. B

    Is Coniglio gettable?

    Is Steve Coniglio gettable? After being named Captain and then being dropped last week, does anyone think he may be a little more open to a move west? Before people say he is a former Wiggles supporter etc etc, money talks and the Wiggs would struggle to fit him in ,salary wise and picks. I...
  4. V_23

    Stephen Coniglio first captain in 22 years to be dropped

    Skipper axed: Giants make shock 'speed bump' call Quite embarrassing for Coniglio to be dropped as captain, especially for a must-win game against Melbourne which will impact their finals chances. Is his poor form a cause or symptom of GWS' lacklustre team performances? Did he lose motivation...
  5. Giant Strides

    Toast Stephen Coniglio wins the Jim Stynes Community Award

    Congratulations Cogs for your win in this award - great recognition for your hard work in this area.
  6. M

    Status in Question AFL and Coniglio's GWS deal

    ...table. If this happened at any other club, there would be blue murder. Serious questions should be asked of the AFL about the deal to keep Coniglio at the Giants, considering how much they want to keep him there. If you think it's as simple as GWS offering Coniglio a deal he couldn't refuse...
  7. STPer18

    Coniglio tells Hawforn to GAGF! - would rather stay with failed franchise GWS than join the sinking ship at Dingley! No one wants to play for the Hawforn Football Club in 2020, a merger seems the likely option from here on out.
  8. Bont2Bruce

    Coniglio tells Hawthorn and a bunch of other minnow clubs to GAGF

    Signed a 7-year deal to remain a plastic. Hawfies you can post your melts in here.
  9. Mofra

    Recommitted Stephen Coniglio [re-signs with GWS for 7 more years]

    Hello all, The mod team has decided to start a new Coniglio thread. There will be no tolerance for sniping/trolling/attacks on other clubs etc. There is to be NO quoting of posts from the old thread for petty point scoring. Keep posting on topic. Thank you.
  10. HurleyHepsHird

    Stephen Coniglio

    It's weird to suggest a fan favourite may be underrated, but I think that's the case. Not by supporters, but by the media. So rarely gets talked about outside of game day or receives half the coverage of some overhyped lesser lights. A rolled gold star, with tremendous onfield leadership...
  11. sthmelb_dimmies

    Done deal - Coniglio a Swan in 2020

    $8m for 5 years. You heard it first. Bookmark it flogs.
  12. Strapping Young Lad

    Free Agency Stephen Coniglio

    Out of contract end of 2019 and will be a RFA. Is he on the move, bigfooty?
  13. Macpotata

    Player Watch Stephen Coniglio = A bulldozing machine

    How good was this bloke last night? Absolute domination by the young lad. At just 24 years of age he really has emerged as one of the games premier midfielders. With time on his side he's only going to get better you'd feel. 30 disposals, two goals with 18 possessions coming in the first half I...
  14. Snookers

    Coniglio; Best player in the comp?

    Equal best with Dusty? Brownlow Medallist in the making? Underrated / Over Looked because he's not from a traditional football state? Discuss.
  15. Blue Bloods

    Bluemour Discussion Thread XVII - Coniglio means Rabbit in Italian!

    Mod Notice:- Continued from here:- *************************************************** Just like to thank Aphrodite and the other Carlton mods who started the Bluemours NON Discussion...
  16. Strapping Young Lad

    Free Agency Stephen Coniglio

    Out of contract end of 2019 and will be a RFA. Is he on the move, bigfooty?
  17. Ichabod Noodle

    Toast All Australian - Shaw, Greene AA; Coniglio, Ward, Scully in 40 man squad

    it's a pity you can only have one prefix in a thread title because I wanted to Toast and Roast. Firstly congrats to the boys who were chosen in the 40 man squad Heater Cogs Sculls Uncle Toby Cement Head Great work from the boys - all worthy of their spot. But seriously.... No Zac Williams? A...
  18. coniglio_number1

    Toast Coniglio commits!!!

    If jezza and the general can get their own re-signing threads then so does cogs! Wooooooooooooo Woooooo Woo!
  19. TheTigerEffect

    Toast Stephen Coniglio

    I know it's still very early in the season, but I wanted to visit the GWS section to acknowledge Coniglio. He has become a very, very good player to start the season, showing the competition why he was selected at Pick 2. His disposals have increased on average by 6.3 per game from last year...
  20. captainMyCaptain

    #3 Stephen Coniglio - Inaugural Giant (Pick 2, 2011 National Draft)

    Stephen Coniglio Height: 181cm Weight: 84kg D/O/B: 15/12/1993 Position: Midfielder