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  1. Vintage

    Official Club Stuff 2017 Membership Tally

    Good to see GWS jump up, but boy that GC figure doesn't look pretty
  2. Vintage

    Gambling ads to be banned- potential replacement?

    +1 hope they ban it
  3. Vintage

    Gil will earn more than entire Women's League

    I know, it's bs right - he's paid almost as much as the 25th highest paid MAN on the Iggles list. Seems legit :drunk:
  4. Vintage

    Gubby Allan Quits GWS... Melbourne Bound

    TLDR? "Homesick"
  5. Vintage

    salary cap

    That's how I thought it worked - maybe not quite to that extreme (yet), but along those lines.
  6. Vintage

    Subiaco Food-Pricing Farce!

    I'm sure you are wrong. How much do you think a pint costs in/near Subi?
  7. Vintage

    Subiaco Food-Pricing Farce!

    Easy there cranky, this isn't Adelaide we're talking about, of course it's drinkable.
  8. Vintage

    Subiaco Food-Pricing Farce!

    will they let you bring a soft esky in? Sell 20 bottles at $4 each and you've just about paid for your ticket.
  9. Vintage

    Subiaco Food-Pricing Farce!

    Other than the fact you'll miss half the game waiting in line for a small cup of water! This is Subi oval you know.
  10. Vintage

    MCG lowers food prices

    nice, you almost had me there
  11. Vintage

    MCG lowers food prices

    It's getting out of hand. The missus and I were at a mate's place on Sunday around 3ish, and in less than 2 hours he offered us not only coffee, but water and a piece of cake as well! CRAZY stuff!
  12. Vintage

    Eddie's stinging "Equalisation" attack on Colin Carter

    Are you trying to be obtuse? They don't have better accountants, its simply that the system has been set up with a cap on tax which results in it becoming a smaller percentage of profits as your profits increase.
  13. Vintage

    The Annual 3rd Team needed in WA thread.

    Huh? Just, huh?