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  1. 06 02 (Sun) Kelly - Copy.jpg

    06 02 (Sun) Kelly - Copy.jpg

  2. Josh Kelly - 4th.png

    Josh Kelly - 4th.png

  3. kellys-heroes-1200-1200-675-675-crop-000000.jpg


  4. Kelly 3.jpg

    Kelly 3.jpg

  5. Kelly 2.jpg

    Kelly 2.jpg

  6. Kelly 1.jpg

    Kelly 1.jpg

  7. J

    What's up with Kelli Underwood?

    Disclaimer: I'm a massive fan of hers. No whinging about nasality, femininity here, etc. At her best, she's an A+ caller in my books. But what the frick is going on with her calling right now? She's getting almost every fourth player's name wrong. She's getting the basics wrong. When you...
  8. aCunningPlan

    The Footy with Broden Kelly Podcast

    Can I get some love for The Footy podcast, it is an absolute cracker. Broden and Tom from Aunty Donna getting stuck into all things footy. I'd say every millennial on BigFooty would get a kick out of it, just great energy and genuine passion for the game. "Let's bounce that pill!"
  9. Sir_Loin

    Expansion Carringbush Magpies appoint Ned Kelly as CEO

    Carringbush have appointed former player and supposed heavy hitting player manager CEO. Interesting
  10. machine gun kelly vmas 2021 pearls.jpg

    machine gun kelly vmas 2021 pearls.jpg

  11. Kelly 2.jpg

    Kelly 2.jpg

  12. Kelly 1.jpg

    Kelly 1.jpg

  13. LordLucifer

    Craig Kelly Tipped To Become Pies CEO - Conflict Of Interest ?? Obviously is a smart businessman but it could get messy down the track.
  14. Deadly Assassin

    Tim Kelly's regret

    Would he be kicking himself at the moment over his decision to leave Geelong? At the time he left he was arguably their best player and the difference between Geelong and West Coast in a semi final. Since his departure West Coast have fallen in a hole while Geelong are premiers.
  15. Giant Strides

    Toast Congratulations to 2022 All Australian Sam Taylor (Josh Kelly in AA Squad) Co-captain Josh Kelly and star defender Sam Taylor have been recognised for their outstanding seasons with inclusions in the 40-man Therabody All-Australian Squad.

 Kelly had another impressive season in...
  16. Stronzo

    The Kelly trade revisited

    Did Geelong win the trade, or did West Coast lose it?
  17. George

    Senior Grace Kelly