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  1. marshdogg

    Scandal Joel Smith (Melbourne): Cocaine trafficking accusation

    Melbourne think they are in the collingwood, Carlton, essendon tier of Vic teams. they are not. they are in the Richmond, hawthorn, St.kilda tier
  2. marshdogg

    Scandal Joel Smith (Melbourne): Cocaine trafficking accusation

    something something vindicated.
  3. marshdogg

    Player Watch Jack Ginnivan (Traded to P&W 2023)

    to be fair we won something like 80% of the games Daniel wells played...
  4. marshdogg

    Opinion Can Dustin Martin be the GOAT? (Answer: no)

    pendles > dusty mods you can close the thread now.
  5. marshdogg

    Opinion 13 Premierships Shared Between Just 4 Teams in the Last 17 years

    let's walk through each club with 0. essendon: had dodoro managing their list carlton: still recovering from salary cap breaches (I think this hurt the club more than people realise) St.kilda: missed their chance with the golden generation adelaide/port: got close several times freo: never...
  6. marshdogg

    Roast The absolute state of Channel 7 broadcasts

    Does a commentary free version of the broadcast exist? Surely someone snuck a microphone into the ground and just let it record???
  7. marshdogg

    Roast The absolute state of Channel 7 broadcasts

    You're 100% on the money here. The Carlton bias call was actually entertaining because it was GENUINE.
  8. marshdogg

    Best moment of the Grand Final

    Frampton with the best 2 possession game you will ever see. Peddles clutch goal De Gory clutch goal Berry smoooooooth brain. When Sidebottom kicked that goal that was better than Sheed's. Hearing the final siren. Logging onto reddit and bigfooty and reading all the 'tainted flag' comments...
  9. marshdogg

    Prediction Changes for next game

    OUT: PTSD every time Sheed's goal is replayed on TV in random AFL adverts. IN: Steele's goal was better.
  10. marshdogg

    Oppo Camp Other Games Rolling Thread (2023)

    Better than De Koning....
  11. marshdogg

    Oppo Camp Other Games Rolling Thread (2023)

    Not that I wish any harm to any players, but an injured Neale/ruckman would be VERY good for us.
  12. marshdogg

    Autopsy AFL 2023 Second Preliminary Final - Lions v Blues Sat Sept 23rd 5:15pm EST (Gabba)

    50 every day of the week - poor discipline from Brisbane.
  13. marshdogg

    Collingwood and Richmond - who has the greater supporter base

    after last night's showing im pretty sure we can close this thread...
  14. marshdogg

    Preview Preliminary Final: Collingwood v GWS, MCG 22 September, 7.50pm

    it's time for another heartbreak selection. peddles out macrae in
  15. marshdogg

    Oppo Camp Other Games Rolling Thread (2023)

    I guess Port have to wait 1 more year to bring out the prison bars.
  16. marshdogg

    Autopsy AFL 2023 Second Semi Final (Week 2) - Port v GWS Sat Sept 16th 7:10pm EST (AO)

    looks like there will be only one team in black and white stripes in next weeks prelim.
  17. marshdogg

    Game Day Brisbane v Port 2023 Qualifying Final

    Yesssssss smash these flat track bullies haaaaaaaaaard.
  18. marshdogg

    Game Day Brisbane v Port 2023 Qualifying Final

    JHF has premiership quarter written all over him.
  19. marshdogg

    Oppo Camp Other Games Rolling Thread (2023)

    check out the SEN blues call - absolute mayhem
  20. marshdogg

    Roast The Non Goal: F*** the AFL, court injunction?

    I don't know what I'm more mad about, the fact that it was 110% a goal, or the fact that it wasn't Carlton...
  21. marshdogg

    Prediction Do you still have faith?

    I'd rather be on top with injuries and poor form, than to be in the chasing pack of 8 teams fighting for 4 spots.
  22. marshdogg

    Roast Port Adelaide's failure to do a HIA assessment on Aliir - [AFL confirms both players FAILED concussion tests on Monday]

    absolutely MUST be minimum 12+ premiership points docked, and a massive fine handed out. jones being subbed out with a 'migraine' is a biggest piss-take than mason cox v richmond 2018 prelim.
  23. marshdogg

    Autopsy AFL 2023 Round 16 - Bombers v Port Sat July 1st 7:25pm AEST (MCG)

    i was thinking exactly the same thing - whats the rule for this?
  24. marshdogg

    Opinion Reckon we could / would change our name for Sir Doug Nicholls Round in future years?

    yikes, didn't know the facebook boomer crowd used this forum....
  25. marshdogg

    Will Carlton be the 'bolter' in 2023?

    the top end talent isn't the problem imo. where is carlton's Alan Toovey, Will Schofield, Gary Rohan, Jack Graham? it's your bottom six that wins you premierships.
  26. marshdogg

    Autopsy 2023 Rd 11 It's Groundhog Day ... again

    not here to troll. semi serious question, would curnow playing a Darcy Moore role work? granted you'd be losing your power forward but surely it's worth rolling the dice...
  27. marshdogg

    Coach John Longmire - Part IV

    Was at the game - it was a bit disappointing to be honest, although it seemed to be a loud minority rather than the full ground doing the boos. Hopefully I speak for most of the pie supporters in echo-ing Bucks comments on Pendles - 'Shame on anyone who boos a champ'